A top quality 25 cigar humidorA true aficionado of a fine cigar knows that the flavor improves as the cigar ages. A 25 cigar humidor is a great way to properly age your cigars. A 25 cigar humidor provides the perfect environment and is the perfect size for home use, and, it also protects your cigars from rotting or even worms. When you're ready to move your cigar enjoyment to the next level and get a great 25 cigar humidor there are certain features you should look for.

How many cigars should I store in a 25 cigar humidor?

No, this isn't a joke. Most people don't realize that different types of cigars stored together in a 25 cigar humidor will take on the flavor and aroma of it's neighbors. Some purists enjoy this and actually mix complimentary cigars to make their own custom flavors. When loading up your 25 cigar humidor keep this in mind.  Even though they are rated for 25 cigars you usually can fit many many more than that.  If you overload the humidor it will have difficulty maintaining the humidity level.  In the summer when the natural humidity level is higher this may not be an issue, but it will be during the winter.

What temperature and humidity level should I keep the 25 cigar humidor at?

The optimum temperature is 65-70 degrees, look for a 25 cigar humidor that can maintain this temperature.

The humidity level should be 70%, cigars kept at this humidity burn more evenly and have better flavor. Too dry and the cigar will have a bitter taste and burn too quick. Too much humidity and the cigar will taste acidic and burn unevenly. Too make matters worse, they can actually begin to rot or develop mold. Make sure you get a 25 cigar humidor that can hit this humidity level and maintain it, take into account where you will store the 25 cigar humidor too.

And finally, when looking at a good 25 cigar humidor make sure that it has an airtight seal, a low quality 25 cigar humidor with a bad seal will not be able to maintain constant temperature and

What kind of interior lining should the 25 cigar humidor have?

There are three main types of lining available in a 25 cigar humidor

  1. Spanish cedar: This costs more, but protects against worms and maintains humidity levels real well, even better, the wood imparts a great flavor to the cigar during aging too.
  2. American cedar: This costs a bit less and still protects against worms, but actually imparts a bad flavor.
  3. Honduran mahogany: This is the cheapest, it looks real nice but it's inferior in its worm protection and humidity maintenance, avoid a 25 cigar humidor with this interior lining.

Regardless of the lining wood used in the 25 cigar humidor make sure they are dried and un finished, this will prevent the wood from secreting resins and imparting an off taste to your cigars.
I adamantly suggest getting a 25 cigar humidor made of panish cedar, the aging results are the best.

What kind of humidity agent should the 25 cigar humidor have?

By far, the best is acryl polymer humidifier. Don't get a 25 cigar humidor with anything but this. The acryl polymer humidors require less maintenance, less filling and also stabilize at the correct humidity level much quicker than anything else.

When choosing a 25 cigar humidor, the acryl polymer agent is the best, look for this.

How much does a good quality 25 cigar humidor cost?

If you still would like more information I suggest reading this great article that will help you find a great cigar humidor.

This is hard to say, as there are many factors involved not too mention if it's on sale or not. I suggest reading humidor reviews on such sites as ConsumerReports and ConsumerSearch. They have unbiased humidor reviews written by users just like yourself, and, even better, they often times list the lowest prices available right on the humidor reviews. You will also find many useful links right here on this page too.