The classic leather motorcycle jacket - the ultimate cool accessory

The classic leather motorcycle jacketA classic leather motorcycle jacket is a great piece of protective equipment to own when it comes to riding, and it just looks cool. I always say, dress for the crash, not the ride, and the classic leather motorcycle jacket is a great piece of protective riding gear to wear, especially if it's armored too. There's lots of jacket styles to choose from and it can be confusing to find the right one. Here's what to look for.

What are some safety features I should look for in a classic leather motorcycle jacket?

There are two main things, safety wise, that you should look for when purchasing a quality  leather motorcycle jacket. Leather quality and armor.

  • Make sure the jacket has removable armor in the back, chest and shoulders. If the leather motorcycle jacket does not have armor, then it's not worth getting. Your safety is more important than looks!
  • Leather is a great shield against abrasion injuries, just make sure the leather is thick enough. Look for a jacket with leather that is at least 1.2mm thick.

Some classic leather motorcycle jacket styles have removable armor, allowing you to wear the motorcycle jacket comfortably even when your not riding.  The key here is to find the jacket where the armor is easy to remove.

What are some of the comfort features I should look for in a great jacket?

Some other features to look for in a good quality classic leather motorcycle jacket are listed below. Keep in mind that these are only for comfort and/or convenience and have little to do with safety. You'll probably pay more for a jacket with these features.

If you're specifically looking for a summer jacket leather isn't the way to go, read this great article on summer motorcycle jackets instead.

  • A classic leather motorcycle jacket can be very warm at times. Make sure the leather motorcycle jacket you're interested in has ventilation holes or vents. You'll appreciate this in the heat of the summer.
  • A removable thermal liner is a great feature for a leather motorcycle jacket to have, this will make it more useful when it gets cold, and just remove the liner for the spring and summer months.
  • Another nice feature to have in a classic leather motorcycle jacket is some form of waist adjustment to keep the wind from running right up your waist.
  • Water resistant coating is available on some of the best classic leather motorcycle jackets, a nice thing to have if you ride in the rain.

How much does a classic motorcycle jacket cost?

It really depends on the quality or features not too mention if it's on sale or not. I suggest visiting such sites as ConsumerSearch and even, they feature motorcycle jacket reviews that are written by unbiased users just like yourself. You'll also find many useful links right here on this page too.