Home warranty is an insurance product that is becoming more popular these days. There are plenty of companies in Texas offering home protection plans, and it is a time consuming process to research and choose the right company that fits your needs. This guide attempts to help you choose the best home warranty company in Texas. You can apply the same principle to other states as well, but it is probably much easier to choose them in other states because there are only a few reputable companies to choose from. But Texas has the highest number of providers in the country.

Before you choose the company, check if you really need the protection plan for your house. If you have appliances that are older than 5 years, you will definitely need to get warranty coverage. Newer homes and appliances may not require such warranties. However if you have a combination of new and old appliances in your home, you should get the coverage. The likelihood of major appliance and mechanical systems breaking down is higher. Moreover, it costs way too much money to repair or replace them, especially the systems like heaters and air conditioners.

When you are ready to shop around for an insurance provider,make a short list of companies. First ask your friends and family to find out if they have any recommendations. It is always best to go with a known company. As they say "a known devil is better than an unknown angel"

You should short list three to four companies that serve Texas and then request for a price quote. If you live in a different state, search for home warranty companies using your state name in the search query.

Next, check the price and compare the premium and deductible with other companies that you have shortlisted. The deductible (also called service call fee) is charged per repair incident, so smaller the deductible, the better. If you report maintenance issues multiple times, you have to pay this fee every time.

Most companies do not cover pre-existing conditions. So make sure you do not have any such issues. Same goes for lack of maintenance issues. If the breakdown is caused by lack of maintenance, then you may not get the coverage. There are some companies that offer additional coverage to cover pre-existing problems if you are willing to pay higher premium. Make sure the extra premium is worth paying for.

Generally homeowners will look for the following when they choose a home appliance warranty company.

· The history and background of the company

· Quality of contractors and handymen and their service timeliness

· The company should have 24/7 customer service

· Realtors are recommending the company.

It is not a bad idea to to check the company ratings from the local Better Bureau Franchise, but you can skip this step if you reasonable confidence on the company that you have already chosen. Companies like American Home Shield Home Warranty are always a safe bet.

If you are buying a new home, make sure sellers offer home warranties. If not, you should buy one yourself. Texas state laws do not require sellers to offer them, but smart homeowners will always have enough insurance coverage.