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Amazon's Kindle wireless reading device is on the top of many people's general wish list or Christmas list. The Kindle wireless reader is a #1 best seller. Amazon has three Kindle wireless readers to choose from, so you can get one that is affordable and meets your needs. When you are trying to choose a Kindle wireless reading device you should know why they differ. The Kindle wireless reading device can now be shipped outside of the United States. Those outside of the U.S. can buy a Kindle reader.

The Kindle wireless reading device makes a great gift for avid readers. There are thousands of Kindle books that can be downloaded, but the Kindle is more than just an ereader. The Kindle does many things. A great thing about the Kindle readers its not limited. You can use a Kindle app to read it on your cell phone or your Mac laptop. If you want to use it ondownloWhen you are shopping for the best Kindle wireless reading device this breakdown of features should help.

Kindle DX, Wireless Reading Device for $379

The Kindle DX latest generation wireless reading device is an upgraded version of the first Kindle DX. Amazon upgraded its original Kindle DX improving things like the display size and adding e-ink. The new Kindle e-ink shows up better on the new, larger screen. The Kindle DX holds 3,500 books.

  • The Kindle DX is 9.7 inches. The Kindle DX fits great in the 10" Kindle cases or folios.
  • Free 3G that works globally because of 3G and wireless.
  • Battery life is one week with wireless turned on and two or three weeks of reading time with the wireless function turned off. That being said, it also has wireless capabilities. The Kindle DX can be used right out of the box.
  • One great feature of the Kindle DX device is that it reads to you. Because it has a text-to-speech feature, the Kindle DX can read books and other things, such as blogs or magazines, out loud to you. This feature is perfect for someone who has ADD or otherwise struggles with reading. The "read-to-me" feature is a nice touch.
  • Key features of wireless reading devices are dictionary look up right on screen if you do not know a word, image zoom, and note takin. The Kindle DX has a QWERTY keyboard. All Kindles have keyboards, allowing you to make notes while reading. You can share these notes via Facebook or online social networking sites.
  • You can build entire social networks with the Kindle wireless reading device. This Kindle DX has a basic web browser. You can even play mp3 music in the background while you are reading.

If you are deciding whether to choose the Kindle DX or a different Kindle reader the main difference is going to be price and size. For those who want a larger screen that is comparable to the iPad they will probably like the Kindle DX wireless reading device.

Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi, Wireless Reading Device for $189

The Kindle 3G is often sold out because its demand is enormous. Amazon allows you to pre-order the Kindle so it arrives it time for Christmas. The Kindle 3G wireless reading device is 6" making it the smaller version of the above Kindle DX. It's also a latest generation. The Kindle 3G Wireless has a longer batterly life, but the battery life on all of the Kindles is excellent. You can always save battery life in a wireless reader by turning the wireless off. This Kindle also holds around 3,500 books, has a built-in PDF, offers text-to-speech, uses e-ink, and is easy to use right out of the box. Amazon pays for the connectivity, so you don't pay to use the Kindles wireless reading devices. The only exception is U.S. citizens going abroad. There is a fee for downloading a book. If you download books at home then transfer them to your Kindle 3G with wireless via USB there is no charge.

The Kindle 3G with wireless weighs 8.7 grams. The Kindle 3G Wireless is the most efficient, effective, and light-weight wireless reading device available, even over the Apple iPad (according to many reviews of the Kindle 3G with Wi-Fi).

Kindle Wi-Fi, Wireless Reading Device for $139 aka (the new Kindle 3)

The final choice is the new Kindle 3 wireless for $139 that was released in August, 2010. When you choose a Kindle wireless reading device it is just about fitting your needs. The new Kindle wireless is a simple wireless reading device. This one doesn't use a 3G network. It uses wireless so to download a book you need a wireless connection. The other Kindles have the ability to download books via the 3G mobile network, like cell phones. The Kindle Wi-Fi is the least expensive of the Kindle wireless reading devices. Where the other two Kindle readers might have been out of reach for shoppers who want a Kindle, this lower priced Kindle wireless makes it affordable. The new Kindle has a long battery life and is the lightest of all the Kindle wireless readers. The Kindle 3 has been reviewed as easier for longer reading sessions because of its weight. This Kindle is also known as the cheap Kindle. Before this new Kindle some could only add it to their list, but now it's possible. The arrival of a cheap Kindle that is just as great as its other ereaders pleases a lot of buyers.

When you are trying to choose a Kindle wireless reading device consider how it is going to get used. If you want the best Kindle for travel then the Kindle DX or Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi is better because you can always connect via a network to download another book, magazine, blog, or newspaper. If you want to buy a Kindle for someone who will likely be connected to a wireless connection then the Kindle 3 with Wi-Fi is probably the best choice. All of the Kindle wireless readers make it possible to download books on your home computer and transfer them to your Kindle.

Holiday Shopping and the Kindle Wireless Reading Device

It is helpful to see what you have to choose from with the Kindle wireless reader devices, so that it is easier to choose the Kindle wireless reading device that most fits the person who is receiving it. Whether you choose the Kindle DX or the Kindle Wi-Fi it makes an amazing gift idea. Now you should have a better idea of which ereader to choose. Kindle wireless reading devices are one of the most wish for gifts whether it's as a birthday gift, Christmas present, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or something else. When you are shopping for Christmas you can pre-order any Kindle from Amazon.

Along with the Kindle you can buy many Kindle accessories. If someone already has a Kindle then they might need to get a Kindle case, cover, or folio. The Kindle and iPad folios are really popular. The Kindle or iPad folio is for the Kindle DX. A great gift is an Amazon gift card for downloading books. Otherwise there are also small messenger bags, lights, replacement power cords and other items to buy when you are shopping Kindle. If you already know whick Kindle reader you want you can buy an Amazon Kindle here or through the secure Amazon shopping to the right. Happy reading!