How to choose a nose hair clipper

How many people wish they have long lush hairs? How many people would like to have long lush hair flowing down their nose? The mere thought of that is disgusting. It is interesting what nature does to the best us. Have you noticed how your nose hair suddenly decides to go on a bender? The strange thing is that you don't even realize it until the day you get a little closer to the mirror and "voila" the big forest hair sticking out of your nostrils. For those who have been mortified by the sight, immediate action is needed to remove the nose hair. That being said, if you have tried using tweezers, you know why the tears run down your face. It is really painful to remove nose hair with tweezers. If you are "no pain no gain" type, well good for you. For the rest of us mere mortals, it is like heavenly blessing when the nose hair clipper was invented.

What is nose hair clipper?

Well it is like the clipper you use to cut the hairs on your head but smaller. If you are the frugal living type and have tried using the standard hair clipper as a nose hair clipper, you know it just does not work. Why? It doesn't work because your nose is just not big enough.

Why does it bother you when you have nose hair protruding?

There are many things due to nature. Nose hair is actually a protection but most beauty conscious people don't want a protruding protection. It might probably not bother you but others might find it disgusting. Nose hair clipper is more to do with beauty and not protecting. When it comes to nose hair, there is nothing like natural beauty. Why do you think women shave their legs? Some men shave their legs as well. Because nature and beauty don't often mix

How to choose a nose hair clipper?

How big is your nose? That is one big question you need to answer before choosing a nose hair clipper? Don't you just hate it when you buy something like a dress and it doesn't fit? How disgusting will it be to stick your finger in your nose just to guess the approximate size of the nose hair clipper that you need to buy. You also need to choose if you like the wet or dry nose hair clipper. That being said, you need to also know how much a nose hair clipper will shave off your bank account. You can normally buy the nose hair clipper for about $10 to $30.

Is it really for the money buying a nose hair clipper?

It will depend on how quick your nose hairs grow. If you need to shave it like every couple of days then the investment might be worth it. If you only use the nose hair clipper once a month, you might want to save your money. If money is not a problem, there is no reason why you should not buy a nose hair clipper. If you are all loved up, you can share your nose hair clipper with your family members. That sounds disgusting but that is what love is about. If you give your nose hair clipper a good clean, you should be fine.

Nose hair clippers and batteries

It is important that the nose hair clipper is powered by a battery. Why? You don't want to put a 220V appliance up your nose. Imagine if the nose hair clipper were to get a short circuit and all that energy rushing towards your nose. You will probably get a very good shave and will never have the need to use the nose hair clipper again.