Looking for the Perfect Gifts for Travelers

The airline industry has been growing rapidly over the years. According to World Bank, there is a total of 3.2 billion airline passengers in 2014 alone.[1][2]
People are willing to spend money on travel. Based on a data in 2014, a whopping $1.2 billion has been generated by tourism around the world.[3] It's not hard to see why billions of people are willing to spend their hard-earned paycheck on vacation. A study shows that spending money on experiences, such as on travel, gives us long-lasting happiness than spending money on tangible objects.[4] People who travel more are also more likely to be successful.[5]
I am sure that you have a family or a friend who travels frequently. It may be challenging to buy a gift for someone who has seen many parts of the world. As a traveler myself, I'd say that giving them something useful for their travels will make a wonderful gift. Even travel junkies who have collected hundreds of souvenirs will love your practical gifts.
Travelers need many different items as each trip is unique. Here are some of my recommendations on choosing a gift for travelers.

For Travelers with Pets

Pet Booster SeatCredit: Amazon
What to Give: Pet Carrier, Pet Car Seat, or Pet Bag
These presents aren't exactly for your friend. Rather, they are for your friend's non-human pals. I have pets and I can't tell you how happy I am whenever I receive gifts for them. Pets are my babies so it's nice to know that someone cares for them other than myself. Give this to your travel junkie friend so he can bring his pet the next time he travels.
For those who love to go on road trips, you can get them a pet booster seat that elevates small pets from the car seat. This will give the pet a full view of the road. A sling pet carrier is handy too as it can help them carry their small pets hands-free.

For Travelers with Urinary Incontinence

Disposable UrinalsCredit: Amazon
What to Give: Disposable Urinal or Commode
This kind of present is quite personal so make sure that your relationship with the recipient has reached a personal level. I have traveled with elders who wear adult diapers, but I personally do not know anyone who uses urinals. Maybe your friend hasn't heard of these products, or maybe she hasn't thought of buying it. You may be the first one to have given her a urinal. This may not be a fancy present, but it will definitely show how much you care for your friend. Your friend would surely thank you for making her future travels much more convenient.
You can also give this to family and friends even if they don't have urinary incontinence. This will be quite handy when they go to places with no clean toilets available.

For Travelers Who Always Can't Find Things

What to Give: Organizer Bag or Any Bag with Several Pockets and Slots
This is a wonderful gift for travelers who want to be more organized. My mom is one of those people who lack organizational skills. She has this huge handbag where she keeps all her things. She doesn't like carrying shopping bags so she would always try to squeeze things into her handbag. When she needs something, she would rummage through her bag. It happens a lot of times, even at the airport or at a fast food counter where long lines of people are waiting behind her.
A bag with lots of compartments does the trick. She still forgets where she put something, but it's now a lot easier to find things.

For Travelers with Kids

What to Give: Travel Baby Depot Bag or Changer Kit

Traveling with kids can be troublesome, but sometimes, you just have to go on that trip with your kids. This bag will help parents have a more hassle-free travel. This is a practical and useful gift for your friends with kids.

Travel Baby Depot Bag / Travel Diaper Backpack in Cranberry Red
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(price as of Jun 15, 2016)
This bag can store items of different shapes and sizes. It has several compartments to keep your things organized. All the pockets are zippered so stuff would stay in place. You can bring this bag onto a plane so it makes a perfect travel bag!

For Travelers Who Love the Beach

What to Give: Water-Resistant Items

When you go to the beach, getting your things wet is sometimes unavoidable. A waterproof bag is an ideal gift for your beach-loving friend. She can bring her things without worrying about their getting wet. A water-resistant case for smartphone or camera is also another wonderful gift. This will give your friend a peace of mind as she enjoys her water activities. Some cases can only protect the phone from splashes while others are 100% water-resistant.

Proporta BeachBuoy WaterProof Case for PDA and SmartPhones - 1 Pack - Case - Retail Packaging - Black
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(price as of Jun 15, 2016)
You can buy these iPhone Cases which are 100% waterproof. These are perfect for people who do a lot of kayaking or other water activities.

For Gadget-Savvy Travelers

Power BankCredit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Power_bank.JPG

What to Give: Power Bank

Your gadget-savvy friend may have already owned dozens of gadgets, so why not give him a battery charger for his devices?

For Physically-Challenged Travelers

Terrain WheelchairCredit: Amazon

What to Give: Terrain Wheelchair, Commode, Grip Bar, etc.

Nothing should stop someone from traveling. Not even the physically-challenged persons. If you have a loved one or a friend who think they can't travel because of their physical limitations, you can surprise them with these presents.

For Elderly Travelers

Portable ChairCredit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Walkin%27Bag_Luggage_with_folding_seat.jpg

What to Give: Travel Chair or Portable Cart

Sometimes, it is only during our retirement that we get a chance to enjoy life. With more money and more free time in their hands, senior citizens can start traveling around the world. However, senior citizens are not as vigorous as the young travelers. That said, this should not stop them from traveling.