Picking a good gift for a holiday is something every one ponders over. Are flowers, candy or something more special the route to take? A great fragrance or perfume for a Valentine’s Day gift is the way many gift givers will go. Knowing how to choose a perfume for Valentine’s Day does not have to be difficult.

The fragrance section of many stores is overwhelming. There are hundreds to choose from and knowing which one is just right is a daunting task. All of these bottles with so many scents can seem difficult. Remember, you are not picking one for you, but for someone else. Having a little knowledge before you venture out is beneficial. These are a couple of tips which are extremely helpful when confronted with this gift giving assignment.


Avoid focuses on ingredients

Unless you are gifting to someone with an intense allergic reaction to an ingredient, avoid looking to long and hard at them. Some of these have up to 250 various ingredients. These are generally called “notes”. Scents are created from all of these compiled together.

Keep an open nose

Be willing to try a lot of things. Keep your mind and nose open to something new and unknown. This means while you shop try a blue one, even if blue is not your favorite color. Those found in odd-shaped bottles that are not especially attractive to you should also be an adventure worth inspecting.

If you do not keep an open nose you could potentially miss out on something special and perfect for the person you have in mind.

Keep it easy-going

Although this holiday may seem extremely important for a number of reasons, you aren’t choosing something for a presidential inaugural. Take it easy and keep it easy-going.

You may seek the perfect fragrance, but more than one could be suitable for the person. Many people have more than one fragrance they wear, just like they have different outfits or shoes. Don’t take the exploration too seriously.

Gender specific scents are out

Modern marketing techniques have discovered gender focused scents for consumers. However, most of these are worn by men as well as women. This means while shopping, focus on the scent and not on the gender.

More and more fragrances are worn by both men and women instead of one or the other. Keep this in mind while choosing one to give. Most ingredients are similar in how they smell even if created specifically for men or for women.

Recognize the taste of the receiver

Notice the fragrances now worn by the person you are buying for. Do they wear musky or floral varieties? How about spicy or citrus smells? Knowing the current tastes of the gift receiver can narrow choices and make the job easier when you buy a perfume for Valentine’s Day.

Do you like it?

Remember perfumes generally last a long time. This means you should also enjoy the smell. A fragrance that fits all the other tips, but is something you cannot stand is not the right gift.

A scent sends a message

A fragrance sends different messages to the receiver. Smells like citrus, light or even fruity convey friendship while more robust or stronger smelling ingredients convey love.

In conclusion

Scientific data reveals that our sense of smell connects with emotions and memory centers in our brain. The New York Academy of Sciences even published one article that revealed the sense of smell and the ability it has to spark more emotion than other senses like sight or sound.

Whether a smell provides us with a general feeling or a definite memory, buying a fragrance is a gift that continually gives because of the mental connection to a person it gives. This personal gift should have time and thought invested. A Valentine’s Day gift of perfume says a lot about how you feel about a person.

getting the right gift for Valentine's Day is extremely important