Potty training dvd r

Potty training can be stressful and confusing, especially for parents who've never done it before. Here's a hot potty training tip, use a DVD to introduce the idea. A good potty training DVD or potty training video will show kids everything they need to know and make things easier for parents.

Unfortunately, reviews and experiences are mixed when it comes to potty training dvds. What works for one child, makes another child afraid. It's important to match the potty training dvd with your child's potty training temperament. Here's a list of things to consider when selecting a potty training dvd.

  1. Look for a potty training dvd that shows kids using the potty. Some DVDs, such as Go Potty Go!, are cartoons only which doesn't give kids a real life frame of reference. Others show kids playing with the potty, which may not be behavior parents want to encourage. Potty training dvds that show kids on the potty include; Elmo's Potty Time and Potty Power for Boys and Girls.
  2. Consider your child's fears or anxieties and be sure a potty training DVD isn't going to make them worse. For example, the I Can Go Potty DVD features an animal safari with some rather alarming shots of hungry alligators. Some parents found that the alligators scared their kids right off the potty.
  3. Evaluate a potty training DVD on not just the mechanics of potty training, but also the psychology. Potty training is a big step in growth and development and some kids find growing up to be scary. Sensitive potty training dvds that help toddlers cope with becoming a 'big kid' are; Elmo's Potty Time
  4. Show the potty training dvd frequently and set out the potty for your toddler to use as a theater seat. This also means it's important to select a potty training dvd that will hold a toddler's attention for multiple viewings. The most entertaining and engaging potty training dvd is Elmo's Potty Time. With excellent music and fun, familiar characters, this dvd will become a toddler favorite.
  5. Sit with kids as they watch the potty training dvd and discuss what they are watching.
  6. Incorporate the songs, stories, and language of the potty training dvd into 'off screen' potty training time.
  7. Read potty training dvd reviews and see what other parents' experience with a dvd was before purchasing.
  8. Consider buying more than one dvd. Kids' tastes change and they may need a different potty training dvd for different stages of the potty training process.
Note that the most well reviewed (by parents) potty training dvds are Elmo's Potty Time and Potty Power for Boys and Girls. In addition, no potty training dvd is perfect and they all tend to be poorly reviewed. So don't have high expectations.