How to select a Private Jet Charter? Chartering a private jet may seem like something only wealthy business owners or celebrities would even think of doing. But for a corporation, or even professionals who have to travel on their own schedule, it may actually be a better solution than the traditional modes of transportation. You get a much higher comfort level both on the plane, pre-flight, and during the take off and landing procedures, and you get a faster flight since there's none of the additional problems like waiting for other passengers to board. Typical travel issues like lost baggage can be a hassle of the past, and you can get exactly the right configuration of jet you need, so that if you're a group and need to hold a meeting, then you can get a jet that's configured just right for that. Here's what you need to know to select the right private jet charter.

The Basics of Private Jet Charters

Private jets can be rented just like cars, trucks, tour buses, motor homes, and yachts can be chartered. Obviously, they are more expensive, but sometimes the extra expense is worth it, since Private-jet-charters-rental-luxury-helicopter-travel-businessyou end up saving a lot of time and money by not using commercial flights. The first question you need to ask is whether you're better off renting a jet for a longer duration, or if all you need is a single flight. There are many companies that do both, and which one you select will depend on what your needs are. If you run a company and you often have to go overseas, maybe renting a plane for a longer term will be more cost effective. If this is a single trip you're preparing to take however, then there are options that allow you to charter a jet for your immediate needs.

Sizes of Jets to Charter

The next step is finding out what type of aircraft you need for your travel - from a small Cessna or Learjet to a full jumbo jet. Most companies offer various sizes, and typically, the smaller the plane, the less travel range it has. For example, a four passenger plane will often be able to do short range trips of around 1,000 nautical miles. A medium jet may carry around 8 to 10 passengers and provide a full stand-up cabin. These often have a much bigger reserve of fuel and can do two to four hours trips. Finally, it's always possible to charter a largejumbo  jet that can carry 20 to 200 passengers, and those can go easily around the world. Obviously, the price will vary according to your choice, but you need to be aware of the capabilities of the aircraft and the range it can travel. Smaller planes often have other limitiations like not being totake off in bad weather, so that can be a concern.

Finally, different companies will offer different features, amenities, and capabilities. For example, not all jets can land everywhere. With a small plane, you may have to go to a private airport to take off and land. They also have different features included. Some companies specialize in luxurious travel, and will provide you with food, champagne, and so on while you're on board. The pilot or pilots is also another important part. Are they provided or do you need to contract your own? And do you know how experienced they are?

Selecting a Jet Charter Company

Of course it's useful to get a referral from a trusted business colleague -- but you can always ask around for recommendations of a reputable jet charter company. A small outfit is fine as long as they service your immediate travel area, but if you plan to charter often -- it's useful to find a company large enough to operate in a few regional airports. Why? The logistics, billing, and more can be simplified with a single service provider. And one jet charter company will often offer perks, discounts, and bonuses with repeat bookings -- your own private frequent flier miles. Check your trade journals, local chamber of commerce, or business bureau for leads.

What questions should you, or your representative, ask? Inquire about their company history, the experience level of their flight crews -- and whether you can use your own professional pilots on occasion. Make sure you also ask for a report of their safety record. Why? Obviously a company with a record of safety violations, accidents, or real tragedies won't stay in business very long -- but an early pattern can suggest inexperienced crews, lax maintenance standards, and supervisory and management issues. Stay away from companies like that!


Overall, choosing the right private jet charter can take a little research if you want to be sure of what you're getting. Obviously you don't want to end up on an aircraft that's not been maintained properly, so finding a company you can trust is key. It’s also useful to know what kind of services are included, and what other concierge services are available in-flight, and when you land. Then you can hopefully have a simple, comfortable trip to your destination, without waiting in lines at the airport.