There is nothing more adorable than a litter of puppies with their mom. You just want to take them all home with you, but the possibility of that is not realistic.

This is a massive decision and you can’t tell that this particular puppy that you choose is going to display a certain personality and characteristic that you were expecting.

One puppy in the litter may be totally different from another one. Some people go by instinct so they will simply see a puppy that is getting less love or being pushed around by his or her brothers and sisters and their heart goes out to that one.

Get to know how to choose a puppy breed

This is not as important to a lot of people so it really depends on the individual. You may just want a companion that you can love and look after and therefore going to an animal shelter where you feel you can play your part and really help a little pup out may be the best thing.

Others will want a guard dog and others will want a dog that they can train and which will make a great family pet. Qualities to look out for are whether you want a dog that is good with other kids or animals.

Every breed has different characteristics. Some breeds are more intelligent than others, some will need more attention and you will have to give them more exercise like a border collie or a retriever. Some dogs are more prone to health issues like the Labrador and other larger breeds so you have to keep this in mind.

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Some breeds are a lot more dangerous than others, but this usually comes down to how you bring the dog up and here again you have to ask yourself if you are able to devote enough attention to a breed like a German Sheperd who has known to have lashed out at times.

10 helpful tips when choosing a puppy

  • If you are considering a particular type of breed then go to a breeder that is reputable and is recommended by a dog club or an association of that particular breed.

Do your homework before because you may think you are getting a well-bred labrodor, but it can turn out to be something else if you don’t check this out. This is especially advisable for those who are interested in training their dogs as guide dogs and the likes.

  • Are you looking for an indoor or an outdoor dog? Are you looking for a dog that you can show off and slip into your handbag? A lot of dogs will need more space with a big kennel or bed so make sure you have the right equipment.
  • Are you someone who works a full time job or do you have time to spend with your dog, taking him out for walks and to the beach to play fetch? This is when a dog can turn nasty. If he is locked up inside all day he can become frustrated and also aggressive.
  • Look for a puppy that you can see is happy and confident, but not bossy. You want a dog that is going to be there when you get home and greet visitors, but not one that is over excited. So these are things that you have to watch out for.
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  • When it comes to health, you must look for a puppy that has a good coat and clear eyes. This will tell you a lot.
  • Have a look for a long while and see if the puppy is eating its food with enthusiasm because this will be a good sign. Puppies should have a healthy appetite from the beginning. You don’t want to start at the beginning with eating problems and have to try all sorts of different kinds of foods.
  • Ask about the health of the dog. You should know whether he has had any problem with vomiting, coughing or diarrhoea. Sneezing is also a signal that you should opt out. These are all important things that you should investigate into.
  • Ask about the injections and vaccinations. Usually by the age of 6-8 weeks the owner is usually responsible for things like this. They should also be dewormed.
  • You won’t want to see a puppy scratching as if it has fleas. This is fairly common if it has not had any injections.
  • They should be playfully walking and there should be no problem with them running around.