The process of choosing a softball pitching machine (can be bought at Baseball Warehouse) can be a long and confusing one if you don’t know what to look for.  With many different brands, models, and features to choose from, it is hard to tell what exactly you need and want out of your new machine.  By remembering what is discussed here, your athlete will be improving her game in no time with a brand new pitching machine!

The first step in the process is to find softball pitching machines that are suited to your athlete’s level of the game.  You certainly don’t want to be buying a machine that will be pitching at speeds of 90mph for the beginner.  Likewise, a machine that pitches only 15mph would be almost useless to a high school player.  If you are buying your machine for a youth league player, your best bet is to choose a machine that can throw around 60mph.  If your machine will be used by high school, college, or professional athletes, you should definitely opt for a machine that can throw 90mph or more.

Once you determined what speed ranges you would like your machine to pitch to you at, it is time to decide if you need a one wheel machine or a two wheel machine.  While cheaper, single-wheel pitching machines can only throw between 25-75mph.  These machines throw straight fastballs, though some models can throw curveballs as well.  Single-wheel pitching machines weigh around 30-60 pounds.  A single-wheel machine with a single motor will do well for the casual user.  If you are an older player, looking for more of a challenge you should definitely consider are dual-wheel pitching machine.  Dual-wheel machines can throw pitches anywhere from 25-90mph and can throw almost any type of pitch.  They usually weigh from 70-150 pounds.  The advanced player who plans on using the machine a lot to improve her game will want a dual-wheel machine with a dual motor and many features to suit her needs.

Now you’ve figured out how many wheels and motors you would like your machine to have it’s time to put everything together on paper and describe your ideal machine.  Write down exactly what you want.  Keep in mind that single-wheel, single motor machines with no extra features are going to be a lot cheaper than dual-wheel, dual motor machines with many features.  All together, your new softball pitching machine will probably cost you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.  This may seem like a lot, but if your athlete plans on using it at least a few days every week, it can be one of the best possible investments you can make to improve your athlete’s game!

Once you have purchased a softball pitching machine, you may be interested in purchasing some softball pitching machine accessories.  Please click the link to read my article on what accessories you might want to consider for your new softball pitching machine.