A brand name is a powerful marketing tool, but to make a brand truly memorable and one-of-a-kind, a concise and clear-sounding tag line can add a lot of meaning to the products and services provided by one's company.

Things You Will Need

A business plan is required to help guide this process.

Step 1

Study other tag lines of companies in the same sector as your company. Be sure that the tag lines you are considering are not registered with the trademark and patent office.

Step 2

Create an extensive list of ideas, sounds and phrases that have something in common with the service or product you provide to customers. The tag lines or phrases must be informative in some way if the logo doesn't already communicate what the company accomplishes that other companies cannot.

Any phrase that evokes a particular emotion or brings some idea to mind whenever it is said should be written down for consideration. A list of 50 ideas may be enough, although nothing should stop lots of creative output at this stage...

Step 3

Test and eliminate each of the 50 tag lines, phrases or emotional sounds- when there are just 10, go and try them out. Ask people at a local market what they think about it. If the responses are positive, then make a record of how many people respond positively and how many respond negatively beside each one. Eliminate the poor performing ones after a significant number of responses have been recorded.

The other option is to purchase the time of a focus group, since testing on a select demographic is currently the preferred method of testing marketing concepts.

Step 4

Reaffirm that the tag line is clear, sounds "good" and cannot be easily confused with another tag line, or made fun of in any way. This protects the brand from any image problems in the future.

Step 5

Reaffirm that the tag line is congruent with the overall marketing and, most importantly, with the business strategy, i.e. business plan.

Step 6

Visit the company lawyers to fill out government forms and to pay the patent or trademark registration fees.

Step 7

Put the tag line to use in commercials, on packaging, in all advertising, and even on company memos. Each time anyone sees it, they will be reading it and through the process of repetition, it will become a little part of them. Later on, with new commercials and newer advertisements, marketing can take advantage of the tag line in various creative ways to spur interest in the brand and the services.
A well-chosen tag line will serve to inform of the brand's value propositions, as well as its quality and perspective. Catchy, emotional and concise tag lines serve to interest the target customers, and continue impacting them throughout their lives.

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