What to Look for in a Tow

It is one of those things that most of us don't want to think about.  Nobody looks forward to having the need for a tow.   In fact, when you come to the awful realization that you will need a tow, your heart sinks.  You know you will have to spend money to get your vehicle moved from one place to the other.  You also begin to worry about your car or truck and wonder if it will be damaged during the towing process.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a towing company when your car, truck or motorcycle needs a lift:

  • You will need to check to be sure your chosen towing service is licensed.  This speaks volumes as to whether or not the owner of this business chooses to operate ethically.  If a company does not have the proper license, you should be very wary.
  • Are the tow truck drivers friendly, professional and experienced?  This is important.  Experienced drivers will be able to safely adapt to nearly any situation presented to them.  If your particular driver is new to the business, does he or she have easy access to experienced drivers?
  • Is the tow truck in good working order?  Does the company's vehicle look like it is well-maintained?  If a towing service takes great care of it's own vehicles and equipment, they are more likely to take care of yours.  A company that feels it's reputation is important care about company satisfaction.
  • Is the person on the other end of the telephone knowledgeable and helpful?  Are they able to give you an estimated time for the arrival of your tow?  It will relieve a bit of your stress if you know about how long you will be stranded and waiting.

These tips should help you to ask the right questions when you have to choose a towing company for your vehicle.  Asking the right questions and looking for the right qualifications can help you to choose a towing service that will handle your towing needs with care.