Best iPad Folio Cases

Anyone who has a new iPad needs to take steps to protect it whenever they are traveling. The iPad is a portable device that was created for doing things on the go. Buying an iPad folio is a solution to how to safely take your iPad with you wherever you go. There are several different types of iPad bags, including the iPad messenger bag, the iPad satchel, or the iPad folio. The iPad folio case is something that you can get for your iPad to keep it looking nice wherever you keep or take it. Depending on the folio case that you choose, it can even enhance the look of your iPad while offering a storage space for you to carry other items, such as your business cards or documents.

The iPad folio case is taking its name from the portfolio. A portfolio is a thin flat carrying case that opens up so that you can place your documents, or in this case, your iPad inside. Portfolios are typically leather. Although there are other types of iPad bags, like the iPad messenger bag, the iPad folio cases are very popular. There may be some advantages to using them because they can slide inside another bag and are relatively small to carry. The typical size of an iPad folio case is around 9 to 10 inches long, enough to accommodate the iPad comfortably without allowing it to slide out.

Popular Selling iPad Portfolio Cases

There are many different companies making iPad folios and other types of small carrying cases for the iPad. The following are some of the popular iPad folios. One other tip about choosing the best iPad folio case for your iPad is to consider what you will be using it for while it is in the case. If you will need to use it to read so some suggest that you get a folio that offers a multi angle stand view feature.

Targus Hughes iPad Folio

The Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio Slipcase is a brown, leather folio case that is popular. It is not bulky and does simply what its name implies: Leather Portfolio case. The iPad fits snug inside this folio case. Reviews claim that it is not overly protected against a really hard fall, but it does offer protection when traveling around normally. Some do not like its magnetic closures. The Targus iPad folio case does not come with any other pockets besides one for a business card, so if you are looking for the ability to carry just a tiny bit more, then this bag is not for you. Good thing that there are many more iPad bags just just the Targus.

CaseCrown Folio

CaseCrown has made a very simple iPad folio. It is a lightweight iPad folio that has three pockets, but you cannot tell by looking at it. The protection is made from thick cardboard sewn into the fabric. There is an elastic strap that runs the length of the folio and is used as the case's closure, which seems to work well because it keeps the iPad folio closed. This may also be an attractive iPad case because it is fairly cheap and affordable at under $40.

The iLuv iPad Casual Fabric Case

This simple, cheap, and affordable iPad folio is made by iLuv. It comes with a leather cover or some are just made from a simple fabric. It is a very cut and dried folio. The price reflects the simplicity. This is not a bad iPad folio case at all. It is under $20.

Timbuk2 iPad Slingshot/iPad Sleeve

Timbuk2 is a great company out of San Francisco that makes messenger bags and other types of accessory bags. They have many types of iPad messenger bags as well as smaller bags for netbooks and iPads. Although they do not appear to have specific iPad folios they do have really amazing cases for iPads. One of their iPad bags is called the Scuba Sleeve for iPad and it is made out of neoprene fabric. Neoprene is a waterproof fabric often used in gloves and other workwear. Instead of looking like a portfolio this iPad case looks like an envelope. The enclosure is velcro.

Fossil iPad Tablet Cover Case

Fossil is a company that always has vintage designs. Although they may be more known for their watches, they also make messenger bags and other items, including the Fossil tablet cover. Their tablet cover fits an iPad and works as a very nice looking case. It is leather and has an opening to slide the iPad or Kindle in sideways, length first. These are well priced at $40.

Tips/Warnings for iPad Portfolios/Cases/Slings

Some of the iPad portfolio designs have magnetic closures. This is a concern for some because magnets can ruin the hard drive of a laptop or iPad. As always, be cautious of holding your credit card around a magnet as it will demagnetize the black strip.

When you choose an iPad folio case make sure that it is what you want to fit your needs. Most of the iPad cases are going to meet your basic needs. The folio cases for iPads are a variety of different prices. You can choose an iPad folio case made of leather or fabric. Most of these will allow you mild wear and tear while protecting your wireless device. There are all sorts of accessories for you to get to spruce up your iPad.

These iPad folio cases make great gift ideas. Whether it is a graduation gift, birthday gift, Christmas present, or other holiday gift, the iPad folio case is a super idea for men or women as well as teenagers who have iPads, Kindles, netbooks, or other wireless devices. Giving the gift of an iPad folio case will make someone happy.