iPads are the newest in technology from Apple. They are sleek, portable, convenient, and most of all a lot of fun! The most unique feature about an iPad is that every task is accomplished by the touch screen. Whether you want to show off pictures to friends, type an email, or read the newspaper online, the screen must be touched in order to accomplish these things.

Anyone who owns an iPad will tell you they are not cheap. They start out at about $500 US dollars and only go up in price from there. With this type of investment, it is important to care for the iPad as much as possible. The portability and lightweight feel of the iPad makes it vulnerable to scratches on the screen and accidentally dropping it. Not to mention if it is not properly transported, for example with a padded cover or tucked neatly in a messenger bag, it is prone to damage.

There are many accessories for the iPad, but one that will protect the screen the best is an iPad Touch Screen Protector. What is an iPad Touch Screen Protector? Simply put, it is a cover similar to a film that fits snugly over the IPad screen. It is very thin and clear, so as not to disturb the screen view. Not only does it protect the iPad screen, but it also allows the user to effortlessly use the touch screen without causing smudges, stains, or scratches to the screen itself.

Screen protectors come in different types. One type of protector is an anti-glare screen available for the iPad. This is useful when accessing the iPad outdoors in bright sunlight. It also allows for privacy, so if you are in a restaurant or on an airplane the people around you cannot see what you are doing.

Some things to consider when shopping for an iPad Touch Screen Protector:

Wifi or Wifi 3g? – Make sure whenever you are shopping for an iPad Screen Protector that you get the correct one. Most retailers offer the screen protectors for either the WiFi or the WiFi 3G.

Cost? – as with most products, you get what you pay for. Do some research before buying the cheapest touch screen protector. Cheap may cost you in the long run, as some inexpensive products may need to be replaced more often (therefore costing you more money!), while a well-made product will last much longer with only a one-time charge.

What is it made of? – This is very important in determining which is the best one to protect your IPad. Some companies sell screen protectors made of a flimsy film, while others claim to make theirs out of military grade engineered material. Either one may work, depending on how much use your iPad gets. If it is on your person 24 hours a day, consider the higher quality protector. Most iPad owners will need the higher quality one; I do not know of an owner who doesn't carry their device around with them everywhere they go!

How easy is it to assemble? – Some companies sell only the part that goes over the screen, while other companies sell kinds that cover the entire device. Again, think about how and how much you use the iPad to determine what kind of protection you need. Also keep in mind how easy it will be to remove in case it needs to be replaced or you want to express yourself with a more colorful and stylish cover.

As sturdy as the new technical devices are these days, it never hurts to add an extra layer of protection. Considering an iPad Screen Protector is not only a good investment to keep from scratching your screen, but it will keep it looking like new for years to come.