How to Choose and Buying a Cheap Violin for Teenager

Have you ever wanted your child or your teenager to take up learning a musical instrument? Most parents will be proud of their child if he were to become a music prodigy. No matter how gifted your child might be music is not something than can be learned overnight. There are many parents who will like to force their children or teenagers to learn a musical instrument like the violin. That is a good desire but, you cannot force a child to learn music if he doesn't want to.

Learning an instrument like the violin is not very easy. It can be difficult and it requires years of dedication and love. That is to say that your child will have to develop the love for the violin and like the sound of the violin. You also need to remember that the violin is not the most expensive musical instrument out there. It is also not the easiest musical instrument for your child to learn. Most parents over look the cool factor that might make a child or teenager want to learn the violin.

The guitar is perceived to be a cool musical instrument because of the way it is play and because of the way rock stars perform with their guitar. On the other hand, the violin is not the coolest of all instruments out there. That being said, you can do some really cool stuff with your violin.

As a parent, if your child has opted for the violin as the instrument of choice, it is up to you to help your child teenager choose the best violin that you can afford. It can be difficult if you don't know anything about musical instruments or about the violin. That is not a reason to shy away and not get involve in choosing the best cheap violin for your child or teenager

Choosing cheap violin for your child or teenager: Price

If you can afford to by a Stradivarius, that will be great but it will not make your child a violin prodigy. The fact that you buy the most expensive violin has nothing to do with your child and his playing. That being said, a cheap violin that is also poorly made can be a source of frustration. If your child is interested in the violin and is still under 10 years old, you can either hirer a violin or buy a cheap violin from a music store in your town. For children under 10, who might be getting their first violin, you should look for something within the $100 price range. That is buying a cheap violin that will be good for your child as a starter. If your child decides to throw in the towel after a few months, you don't have to feel bad about wasting your money.

Are cheap violin under $100 worth the money?

Most beginners will buy a cheap violin because that is what they can afford. Professional violins are more expensive and beginners will probably never appreciate the difference in sound and tone. Most cheap violins are made in china and they are then reworked by music store to improve the sound. If your child or teenager is starting out, don't be afraid to get a $100 cheap violin. If the cheap violin is properly set up, you will get great sound from it.

Choosing cheap violin for your child or teenager: Size

Children will require the 1/2, 3/4 violin and teenagers will require the full size violin. Choosing the appropriate cheap violin size for your child or teenager will help with easy fingering and will also help him or her to produce a good sound. If you are planning to buy a cheap violin online, you can go to a music store to measure you child and get him to try out a few violins that feel comfortable. Once you get the right measurement, you can then place your order online and get better deal.

Choosing cheap violin for your child or teenager: Strings

Strings are the most important thing to consider when buying a cheap violin for your child or teenager. The strings that are often supplied with cheap violins are not really the best. These strings will produce a strange sound because of the quality and your child might think he is not a good player (it might also be due to bad playing). That being said, beginners will often produced muffled sound but that will improve with better playing and it has got nothing to do with strings. However, good violin strings is something you can buy when your cheap violin is delivered to you. You can take the violin to the nearest music shop and they will replace the violin strings and help you setup your cheap violin for a reasonable price.

The basic idea of choosing and buying a cheap violin for your child or teenager is to start around the $100 price range. Then replace the strings for better quality violin strings. Take the violin to a music shop if you don't know how to replace the string and let them fine tune your cheap violin. You will be surprise how cheap you can get a good cheap violin with a lovely tone by following these ideas.