Get the right dog training collarOne of the most useful, but often overlooked training devices available is the dog training collar. The dog training collar is a great way to train your puppy without hurting him. There are two types of training collar, the spray and the shock dog training collar. Don't worry, the shock is harmless, it's similar to the static shocks we get in the winter, as long as you get the right size training collar. I'll go through some important things to look for when choosing the right dog training collar.

What type of dog training collar should you get?

There are two types of training collar, the shock and the spray.  Most will also include secondary stimuli, such as sound and/or vibration, but there are two main stimuli out there that you'll need to consider.

  1. The shock collar delivers a small shock when it detects a bark, either through vibration or via a microphone, it can also be triggered via remote if the collar has one.
  2. The spray dog training collar delivers a harmelss citronella spray when it detects a bark. This is a great type of dog training collar to get if you are concerned about shocking your dog. As you can see in the top photo there's a small spray bottle on the bottom of the collar that sprays up towards the dogs nose.

Both types of training collar are proven to be effective. The spray type has the added advantage of alerting the dog through 4 senses, he sees the spray, hears it, smells it and tastes it. The disadvantage of this type of dog training collar is that you have to buy refill citronella cartridges and there have been users who have reported their pet has learned that the cartridge empties out and eventually learn to ignore it, knowing it'll stop spraying eventually.

Which type of dog training collar is more effective?

Hands down the spray style collar has been scientifically proven to be twice as effective in controlling barking over the shock collar. Throw in the fact that it doesn't shock the animal and, in my opinion, makes the spray dog training collar the more humane way to train your pet.

Any other features to look for in a dog training collar?

For the electric version of the collar be absolutely sure you get the size (power) rating designed for the size of the dog you have. DO NOT get a shock dog training collar designed for a pit bull and put it on your yorkie!! Shock collars are generally rated by the size of the pet they're designed to be used on.

If there is a remote control, make sure the range rating is consistent with the space you'll use it in.  Don't take your pet to the park and expect your indoor collar to be effective.

Make sure, for the electric style, it has an off feature so that if the dog barks continuously for about one minute it'll stop shocking your pet. If the dog is trying to alert you it's not a good idea to punish him for doing it. 

Here's a great article that will give you more information if you're interested in vibrating dog training collars.

How much does a dog training collar cost?

Generally it depends on the features and quality of the collar. I suggest you read dog training collar reviews on such sites as ConsumerSearch or ConsumerReports. They have unbiased dog training collar reviews written by people just like yourself and, often times have current lowest prices listed right there in the review. You will of course find many helpful links right here on this page too.