Double strollers have become a necessity for parents who have twins or kids who are a few years apart. It comes in handy particularly when you would like to take a stroll in the park with your kids or have to run errands and taking them with you. There are many other reasons why using a double stroller is convenient. However, choosing the right one may be confusing for some parents. I even read a comment from a mom saying choosing a car is easier than choosing a stroller. It is understandable why parents may be fussy when it comes to baby strollers. It is something that their kids will be using so they would definitely want to get one that is the best when it comes to comfort and safety. Here are the tips that you should keep in mind when shopping for a double stroller.

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There are basically two types of double strollers - twin and tandem. A twin stroller has seats that are side by side. This is usually used by twins and by kids who prefer to sit beside one another. The downside to this is its width. You might find it difficult to navigate store aisles because of the size of the stroller. The tandem stroller on the other hand has a seat which is in front of the other. This type is preferred by parents who have a toddler and a baby. The older kid usually prefers to sit in front while his baby brother or sister is in the back. There are some parents who say that it is more difficult to push than a twin stroller. However, choosing whether to buy a twin or tandem stroller for your kids comes down to personal preference.

The most important factor to consider when shopping for double strollers is safety. Because your kids will be the ones using the stroller, you would want to make sure that they are secure. You should check out a double stroller's stability. One of the simple ways in doing this is by placing a diaper bag on one side of the stroller and making sure that it remains upright. Its harness is also important. It is best to get a 5-point harness particularly for infants. It is acceptable to get one that has a 3-point harness though if you will be using it for short trips to the mall.

Handles and wheels are features that should be considered when choosing double strollers. While you are at the store, try walking around along with the stroller to know if its wheels and handbrakes are working properly. You should also choose the handles that would work well for your height. It is advisable to get one that has adjustable handles particularly if one of the parents is taller. When it comes to its wheels, choose a stroller that turns smoothly around a corner. This will make it much more comfortable for your kids.