Handheld blenders seem to have become a necessity in many kitchens these past few years. Many people prefer to use it because it can be more convenient particularly when you have small jobs - be it blending, chopping or whisking. If you also have limited space on your kitchen, it would be a good idea to use hand blenders as it takes up less space than  counter blenders do. Although there are a lot of options, it is still important to keep in mind some tips to make sure that the handheld blender you get is the best one for you.


Cuisinart Hand Blender

There are basically two types of handheld blenders - plastic and stainless steel. Obviously, it would be a better choice to get the latter as it would be more durable than a plastic hand blender. There are also corded and cordless hand blenders. Choosing which one to get is usually a personal preference. If you prefer to use a corded blenders, make sure that its wire is attached to a part where it will not be difficult for you to use it. Using cordless hand blenders though means that it will sit on a charger most of the time to keep it juiced up and ready whenever you need to use it.

One of the most important factors to look for in handheld blenders perhaps is its variable speed function. Most often, blenders have two speeds while other have more than that. This is important if you will be using the hand blender for more powerful tasks. However, keep in mind that a blender's power depends on its wattage. The greater it is, the more powerful it will be.

The attachments that will come with the handheld blender are also important. Whisks usually come with the unit as this is one of the attachments that is most often used particularly when whisking eggs or cream. Some of the best hand blenders also have chopper attachments which can be used for chopping up harder material which you can, in turn, blend or chop finely.

There are a few other features that you should take a look at such as its safety. You would definitely want to use a handheld blender that has security features including interlocking lids. It would also be ideal if the hand blender that you buy is dishwasher safe. This will make it much easier for you to keep the item clean at all times.