There are several factors that can affect your choice in getting the best internet phone company for your needs. Since the cost is most probably the same with the other providers, we can take this out of the picture for now and look at other things to consider in choosing the company that will give you the best rates while meeting your needs.

What services do they offer? Do you need these services?

There are companies that offer unlimited calling to a lot of different countries, but do you really need them. If you find a lot of spam on your email then there will be a lot of that in the VOIP world as well.

There are services that are made available for you but are really not what you need. Carefully look at the things that the best internet phone company you have on your list can give to you and assess if all of the things you need are included.

What are the usual customer reviews for these companies?

It is very easy to check online for customer feedback regarding VOIP companies. In here, you will be able to find out and see how the company's rates and policies work out for their current customers.

You will also be able to find out if their customer service folks or technicians are reliable and courteous. You may also find feedback regarding line quality and other value added services as well.

What kind of emergency services will they provide?

The main issue about these VOIP lines is 911. Since you can use your inter phone numbers almost anywhere in the country, VOIP companies would require you to register your address first on their Enhanced 911 services in order for the emergency personnel to get hold of your address as soon as you phone for help.

If you fail to do this, your call may be routed to the national emergency desk where routing of help may take a little longer than the usual. Enhanced 911 is great and works the same thing as the traditional 911 service.

The best internet phone service has the enhanced 911 feature that enable your emergency calls be routed to the nearest local response unit.