The men's wrist watch is, without a doubt, one of the most important 'fashion' accessory to set you apart from the masses. Choosing the best men's wrist watch can be difficult and confusing if you don't know what features to look for. Read on to find out exactly what you should look for when you want to purchase the best men's wrist watch for the money.

Decide on they type of men's wrist watch you want

There are many types of men's wrist watch out there, diving watches, dress watches, chronograph watches, etc.. Make sure you get a men's watch that is appropriate for the occasion thay you'll wear it. Don't wear a big 3 pound diving watch with a tuxedo, get a nice dress watch.

Decide on the type of movement that your men's wrist watch should have

There are three types of movement, or inner workings, available in a men's watch; quartz, mechanical or digital.  After all, a watch is supposed to keep proper time, pay attention here if the actual time is important to you.  Now this may be somewhat of a joke, but some guys care more about the look than the functionality,

  • A quartz movement uses a tiny vibrating crystal, a men's watch with a quartz movement is very accurate.
  • A mechanical movement is classic. A men's wrist watch with a mechanical movement can be the most expensive, but these just look, and feel great.
  • The digital movement is the cheapest. A men's wrist watch with a digital movement is considered a more casual type of men's wrist watch.

What quality of crystal should the men's wrist watch have?

There are three types of crystal, the 'glass' window, that a men's wrist watch can have.

  • Plexiglass: This is by far the cheapest crystal a men's wrist watch can have. It scratches easily but difficult to shatter. This is good for a 'work' watch.
  • Mineral crystal: This type is more likely to shatter, but more difficult to scratch. A midrange crystal, I would call this an everyday watch for just hanging out.
  • Synthetic saphire: The most expensive, almost impossible to scratch, but easily shatters. A great crystal for a dressier men's watch.

Choose the right strap for your men's wrist watch

A men's watch can have a strap made of leather, metal, cloth or even plastic. This is a personal choice, but make sure it secures well.  Some guys, including myself, find a metal strap to be a bit painful since it can grab your hair and pull it out.  Sure, it looks awesome and expensive but take this into consideration.  Personally I would only consider a metal strap for a dress watch.

Other considerations for a men's wrist watch

Here are some additional features to look for in a men's wrist watch, these are more of a personal choice, but I'll go through these..

  • An illuminated face is nice to have, some don't have this, but have a glow in the dark face.
  • Waterproof or water resistant. There is a difference, a waterproof men's watch is rated for how deep you can go and not damage the men's wrist watch, obviously this is for a diving style men's watch. Water resistant means you can get it wet, but not dive with it.

How much does a men's wrist watch cost?

This depends on the type, style, quality, movement and other features of the watch, not too mention if it's on sale or not. I suggest reading mens watch reviews on such sites as ConsumerReports or ConsumerSearch. They have honest, unbiased reviews written by people just like yourself and, often times, list the lowest prices on a men's watch available at the moment. You will also find many useful links right here on this page too.

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