If you enjoy going out for a day on the town or going out for a hiking trip in the woods then you have probably used men's sun hats before. These hats are great for many different purposes and allow you to spend more time outside having fun and less time worrying about sunburns or skin problems that can develop from overexposure to the sun. These hats also keep your head and neck from getting too warm.

Baseball Cap

Of course the first type of hat that men wear to keep their head covered is a baseball cap. These hats have a close fitting cover over the skull and a brim that shades the eyes. They come in many different styles and in every pattern imaginable which makes them a great choice for many men. These types of hats are only good for very casual gatherings however as they are not professional and do not look good with anything nicer than a pair of shorts or jeans. You should definitely not wear these hats for a special occasion.

Straw Hat

The next type of men's sun hat is a straw hat. These hats are made out of, you guessed it, straw. They are woven together so that they can protect the head easily while still allowing air to come through. These hats fit relatively close around the skull though they are generally a little loose. They also have a brim that goes around the entire outside of the hat to protect the face and neck on all sides from the sun. These hats can be a little more stylish than a baseball cap though not very much. These are recommended for simple family gatherings or outings and not special events.

Cloth Hats

The last type of hat for men in the sun is a cloth hat. These hats tend to look similar to a straw hat though they also tend to look slightly more professional and a little more stylish. These hats can be worn just about anywhere. With a fedora style cap and a short brim all the way around these hats come in many different colors though they are primarily available in colors such as brown or tan. These are some of the most popular hats for older men rather than baseball caps.


If you're looking for men's sun hats you want to be sure you are picking the right one for your occasion. You want to make sure that the hat you choose is going to look good. That means knowing your options and making a choice based on those. There are three main choices you can make for sun hats. Each is a great type for different people and which one works best for you, is up to you.