Wouldn't you love to come home after a long day's work and relax by soaking in your very own hot tub or spa? The swirling of the warm water jets will help you release the tensions and stresses of the day. With the rejuvenating hydrotherapy that is delivered by these jets, you can sink into a little bit of Heaven!

Now that you have your own spa, the next thing on the agenda is to find the best spa cover. Aside from chemical and water maintenance, the spa cover is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will need. It will help to keep your spa water clean and help to keep your bill for energy usage at a reasonable level. As all of us know that heat rises, most of the heat loss in a spa will go directly up. Since the spa cover will sit directly above the hot, steaming water, the foam spa cover will provide the necessary insulation so that the heat remains trapped inside.

There are a few different types of spa covers and choosing the best spa cover can take a bit of thought. There are pros and cons for each of them. One of the most typical spa covers is the rigid foam spa cover. These kinds of spa covers will eventually become saturated with water that they will become so heavy thus allowing the foam to break.

However, if you are trying to keep little children and pets out of the water, then this may be your best option. It has been calculated that these foam spa covers will hold the weight of over 200 pounds. Then there are the kinds of spa covers that just lay on the surface of the water. The one positive thing about these covers is that you do not need to have a lift to remove them. The bad thing is that if a ball or something hard hits the cover, it will buckle causing water to gush up and then the spa water will be compromised. Also, if you live in a windy part of the country or have heavy snows and rains, this kind of spa cover may not be the best. There is also a SpaCap best spa cover that has made a gigantic leap forward when it comes to the technology of spa covers. These will not break under rain, snow or they will not blow away when it is windy. The spa water will retain its heat and that will use less energy. The SpaCap cover will not break, saturate or warp.

In order to choose the best spa cover for you, you will have to understand your circumstances. Do you want to protect little children from accidentally falling into your spa? Do you live in a section of the country that is prone to high winds or heavy snows? You must take all of these things into consideration when deciding which spa cover is the best one for you.

You can buy spa covers in any pool store that sells pools and spas. It might be a good idea to check around at a few stores so as to get the best price. The Internet is a very good source in which to purchase the best spa cover. There are such places like Ebay, Amazon, Overstock.com as well as many specialty spa and accessories stores to choose from. You are always likely to get a great deal.

As far as cost goes, the best spa cover does not have to be the most expensive. Prices may vary from a low of $40 all the way up to $550. It just depends upon what you want. Remember, it is you who must be satisfied with the cover you choose.