A traveling nurse agency helps streamline the transition for many RNs and LPNs from the day-to-day grind in one location to moving into the in-demand world of travel nursing. Choosing the right traveling nurse agency is important. This is your career after all and you want to choose the best agency possible. This means an agency that puts your interests on the same level as their own.

The duties of a traveling nurse agency are essentially that of a middle man and recruiter. The agency seeks and signs quality nurses to its roster and then places them in facilities across the country which are experiencing a shortage. They are paid a commission by the receiving facility for helping with this staffing issue. There are unscrupulous agencies that will misrepresent their experience or contacts to try and recruit nurses who are new to the travel nurse profession. It is very important that any health care professional considering becoming a traveling nurse understand what to look for and how to choose the best traveling nurse agency.

A properly run traveling nurse agency will first and foremost put your best interests in mind. If you are seeking to enjoy sunny weather and beach life make sure this is what you get. Where you choose to work is strictly voluntary. This is not the army. You choose your destination. If there are no current spots available then you can either choose a backup location or have your name put on a waiting list. Many agencies receive more money from inner-city facilities. Often these hospitals and clinics are in the poorest or most dangerous neighborhoods in an area. Disreputable traveling nurse agencies may pressure nurses into accepting a position at one of these locations all in the name of making more money. Never be pressured into accepting an assignment that is not to your satisfaction. There are numerous facilities that need help all across not only America but the world.







Transparency in a traveling nurse agency is important. If you have concerns about a firm, ask to speak with a current client who the traveling nurse agency has positioned. A person who is already using the agency may be the best person to speak with since they can provide insight into how well the company helped them in the process.


Changing locales and scenery may infuse a nurse with new life and provide a break from the monotony of day-to-day nursing. A great traveling nurse agency will provide support and listen to the needs of each nurse and place the their needs above the needs of the agency. While there are some great opportunities in travel nursing remember that you are a hot commodity and in demand-make sure the traveling nurse agency understands this!