Essentially, the best under eye cream for any skin type must have

- No fragrance. Ophthalmologists primarily requires all eye creams to contain no fragrance as the skin around the eye area is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the facial skin

- Higher moisture content than your regular facial moisturizer. The pH level of all under eye cream is claimed to match that of your tears

- De-puffing agent, especially if you have shopped for a day cream. All day creams basically works to "dehydrate" the areas around your eyes, which is basically bloated when you wake up in the morning

- Retinol and vitamin K to lighten the dark circle under your eyes. In fact, your night repair cream should be retinol-based and contain vitamin K. Recent studies show that the best under eye cream contain vitamin K: an ingredient of effective anti-ageing formula that could constrict capillaries that appear to darken the under eye area

These are but some of the primary guidelines in choosing the best under eye cream for any skin type. But what should an under eye cream basically do? It should moisturize the thin skin around the eye area, firms and increase the elasticity of the skin, improve the blood circulation, and ultimately lighten the under eye area.

How to Find the Best Cream

There are loads of under eye creams available in the market. And, while there are those who come cheap, effective under eye creams are, in reality, downright expensive. The first thing that you should do in choosing the best under eye cream is to know what you need, that is, what needs in your eyes to be corrected. Learn to determine what you really require; do you have puffy eyes? Are you seeing wrinkles? Or, you simply want to lighten the dark circles under your eyes? After you have determined what you want to correct, you could now choose between a day and night cream. However, a number of dermatologists simply advice that, whatever eye needs to be addressed, it is best that you shop for both night and day cream.

The Best Under Eye Cream for Day Use

Essentially, all under eye creams for day use offer to "depuff" bloated looking eyes, lighten dark circles, and have sunscreen. But since you need to get ready for your workday, make sure that your eye cream for day use is not sticky or thick enough to hold your make up. The best day under eye cream should be perfect as a makeup base and, therefore, be light enough to allow your skin to breathe during the day. Because of this factor, most under eye day creams are now available in gel form. Some great de-puffing ingredients that your under eye cream should contain include chamomile, coffee, and cucumber. For lightening under eye circles, the best under eye cream should contain vitamin K and arnica.

Finding the Best Night Under Eye Cream

Night cream are formulated to repair the under eye area and prevents further damage. You could basically determine a night cream from that of a day cream with the specific instruction that the product could and should be used specifically during night time. Night creams help combat wrinkles with AHA or retinol. While the best under eye cream for night use should be retinol-based, it should basically stop you from using it at day time simply because retinol decreases the power of your sunscreen.