One of the things that ensure a great experience in using the VOIP technology is the adapter being used to allow regular phones to connect to the internet and place phone calls just like traditional phone services.

You would need a good VOIP adapter in order to get the best advantages and benefits this technology can offer. Here are some pointers that will help you choose the best device for your home and office.

Make sure the adapter has at least two phone jacks ready for use. Most adapters would only have one phone jack at the back and this leaves no room for an expansion line to be added. Having two phone jacks make it possible for you to request for two phone numbers from your service provider, or have one regular line and another fax line.

The bottom line is, look for an adapter that has at least two slots for your phone. This gives you more room for expansion at a later time.

Make sure that the adapter leaves room for your internet connection. Most adapters would need to connect to the ISP's modem and some would connect directly to the ISP's outside line.

In order to make sure that your computer can still browse the internet, make sure that your VOIP adapter has at least a slot for your computer's hardwire Ethernet connection.

Most adapters have and enable wireless connection as well. However, there are still those who do not have slots for an Ethernet connection and will leave you in Jeopardy in case the wireless connection fails.

Choose all-in-one internet phone adapters. Depending on the service provider you will choose, they can actually offer you an all-in-one adapter. This means that the adapter can be a modem, router, and an adapter at the same time. This feature, though a little more expensive than the rest, can save you a lot of space and power, too.

This combines three different devices in one and allows you to just allocate space for one device instead of three. It allows you to save on power as well since only one VOIP adapter needs to be plugged onto a power outlet instead of three separate devices. This makes using internet phone services much easier.

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