For cleaning, vacuum cleaner is still the most effective tool to use, although it is not the least expensive solution. With the amount of choices you have out there, it can get confusing quickly after you start your research. How could you sift through the choices and get to the one that is most suitable for you need?

There are two main types of vacuum cleaner: canister and upright. If weight is an issue, it's best to avoid uprights. The design makes it hard to reach into small spaces. When cleaning small gaps, you will find it hard to maneuver upright vacuum.

Canister or cylinder types are easier to handle because you don't have to move the motor along all the time. Unless you are an expert in vacuum cleaner, chances are you will not understand most of the things in the feature list. Most people will not enjoy searching high and low just to figure out what all those features are.

Fortunately, most of them are not that important at all if your need is not that unique. You only need to pay attention to a few things.

Suction power is the first factor. This depends on the wattage of the motor, but also how efficient the motor of the vacuum. Depends on your need, you might need one with more powerful suction, like when you need to clean pet hair on your living room carpet every day.

You can find bag and bagless vacuum cleaners in the market. Until recently, every vacuum cleaner collected dirt in a bag. The downside of this is loss of suction as the bag fills up. Bagless vacuum is often preferable for this reason, but it is often more expensive. However, bagless vacuum is less suitable if anyone in your house has asthma.

Finally, take a look at the filtration. When a vacuum sucks up dirt, some particles are expelled out from the exhaust. Good filters will be able to trap more and much smaller particles that others cannot. Power filtration comes only with middle to high end vacuum cleaners. If you or any family members have allergy, HEPA filters can help because they trap 99.97 percent of particles of 0.3 microns.

A best vacuum cleaner for one individual may be the worst one for others. So it's important to have a list of requirements. Most often people complain about weights and loudness. But others don't care if it weighs more so long as it is powerful. Once you have a list of requirements, it is a matter of using the Internet to find reviews and use your list as a guideline.