It's actually not that hard to find healthy foods while on a weight loss regimen. Once you understand a few facts about healthy eating, you'll realize that finding the right foods to eat is not as hard of a task as you imagined.

We have all seen the processed diet foods that proclaim "low fat", "fat free" and other marketing buzzwords. These foods may be honest in their claims of having low or no fat, but they often contain other unhealthy ingredients like sugar or even worse, aspartame, and are usually empty of any real nutritive value. Also, research has shown that we need healthy fats in our diet. Fats, except for trans fats and saturated fats are important to our bodies and bodily functions in many ways. It's best to steer clear of highly processed foods altogether.

While it has many benefits when in its natural state, soy has become a processed and genetically modified food marketed as a healthy alternative to traditional meat and dairy products. Unless you can find soy products that are organic and not genetically modified in any way, you may want to steer clear of processed soy products. Soy products that are created via fermentation are very good for you because they are still natural and the fermentation process counteracts the effects of phytic acid, which is an anti-nutrient that blocks the absorption of many vitamins and minerals.

Fruit juice is yet another processed food that many people misjudge as a very healthy food to include in their diet. While eating fruit is very good for you, fruit juices usually have a high concentration of sugar and less nutrients than you would get if you were to simply eat the fruit instead.

A healthy and balanced diet should focus mostly on fresh meats, vegetables, whole grains and occasional fruits, sweets and healthy fats. Limit your intake of foods that have been highly processed and foods that contain simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, starch and white bread. Aim for complex carbohydrates found in whole wheat cereals and breads. Complex carbohydrates not only keep you fuller longer and provide more energy, they contain fiber which is vital for a healthy digestive tract.

While it may be easier said than done to change your tastes in food, if you stick with a healthy eating plan, you will eventually get used to and begin to prefer the healthier, more natural fare over processed and unhealthy foods. Occasional cravings for old favorites like ice cream and fried chicken may still crop up, but over time you will crave them less and less. You will also not want or need to eat as much of these foods as you once did. 1 serving will be more than enough for you instead of the 2 or 3 servings you once used to indulge in.

Eating healthy is not an easy task. It takes dedication and focus on your goal of becoming healthy and living a balanced life. The beginning is always hard, but keep at it and it will get easier.