No matter what type of desk you choose to buy; comfort, ergonomics and function should be a determining factor. When deciding on an office desk, a receptionists desk, or drafting desk, the one you purchase needs to come with all the things that will make your day fruitful and give you easy access to all of its features.

The desk you select should not only reflect your own appearance, but needs to also hold all the features needed to provide you with style and the required office space to perform your day to day tasks.

Prior to choosing your desk, the first thing to do is measure the width and length of your office space. Knowing the size, you will be able to figure out which desk, and other needed furnishings, fit into the parameters of your office. Don't forget that plenty of space might want to be allocated between the desk and other pieces of furniture, which is on average about 3 feet apart. Plus, if you are going to be adding a guest chair, give ample space to accommodate it, which is usually seated in front of your desk.

Now that you have determined what dimensions of desk will fit into your office space, there are many things you need to think about before making the final decision. Depending on what tasks you undertake on a every day basis will help narrow down which desk best conforms to your needs. If you spend the majority of your business day at a computer, you might want to consider a computer desk or a computer workstation that has the appropriate space and/or storage areas. Remember that the area that holds the keyboard needs to be at a comfortable height and large enough to hold a mouse. Also, be certain that the desk has the right amount leg space to accommodate you and your chair. The standard height for a desk is usually 29 to 30 inches. Make sure your desk has at least one grommet hole to run computer and telephone wires out of the way.

If you use most of your day drafting or accounting you may want to think about a simple drafting desk with a big drafting surface and a pencil drawer. More considerations might be shelving below the desk or a credenza that rests on the top of the desk and could provide you with the additional space necessary for housing papers, books, etc. An L-shaped desk is a great selection, giving extra space for spreading out spreadsheets or other working papers, such a ledgers. Or, if you are extremely low on work space you might want to think about a corner desk.