When adding a grill to your backyard, you need to think about protecting your investment. A grill can range in price from twenty dollars to more than four hundred. You have options to choose from gas, charcoal, and now infrared. Many people choose to protect that investment by getting a Weber charbroil grill cover.

Finding which cover is right for your grill starts with knowing which grill you have. There are several different size and style of covers out there to choose from. Using a cover will help protect your grill and prolong the life of your investment.

Start by taking a look at the gas grill. These can be one of the most expensive grills you can buy. Weber offers several different covers depending on the model of grill you own. One of the options is the premium cover for a Genesis E and S series grills. These covers have fitted centers and long sides to make sure the whole grill is covered. The cost for these can range anywhere from forty five to fifty five dollars. They have yet another series of covers for a Spirit two or three hundred grill.

The charcoal grills, as well as their covers, are cheaper than the gas options. They range in the twenty to forty dollar range for a cover. One type cover is the premium cover for the twenty two and a half inch grill. The black cover will help to mesh with any backyard decor. Yet another cover option is the performer cover. It is a full length cover with heavy duty fabric.

The question is often asked why use a grill cover in the first place. Water from a rain shower or even dew can cause moisture problems with your grill. The cover will help to keep the moisture from getting in. Another possible issue could be critters getting into your grill. The covers helps with keeping your grill and your utensils clean and safe.

There are covers that come with vents made into them. That is the air can circulate and the moisture allowed to dry out. Consider the climate you live in. If you are in a milder area, with only slight changes in weather, a light cloth cover is all you really need. Others who live in areas with more severe climate changes will need a more heavy duty, heavy weighted cover.

Often times the grill cover will be black. Sometimes you may be able to find other color options such as a tan one. Some covers do show the pollen and dirt or dust on them. Most times you can be able to wash this off with a little water.

Prolonging the life of your grill is easier to do when using a grill cover. This can help to save you money and time when your grill is working in proper order. The elements can wreak havoc on your grill causing parts and even the grill to need replacing. Measure your grill before looking for a cover to ensure the proper fit.