After seeing a lot of critiques on Clickbank as an Affiliate Network I decided to share some information and personal experiences in order to give another view on the topic. Most people go on and on about just how bad Clickbank is because of the crappy products they have in their affiliate network.

Now to be honest I have to admit that there are a lot of products that are full of BS and really not worth the money they cost. If you do promote this type of products you will find that the refund rate on them is higher meaning that in the end you will be able to sell less of them.

So What to Look for When Choosing Clickbank Products

You either have a website ready made that is already getting traffic in which case you are probably searching for a product to market on your website. In this case you should search for your keyword and see if there is any product in the Clickbank marketplace that would suit your needs.

If you are not tied to a specific product niche, you can just browse through the marketplace and find anything that catches your eye. Make sure you look at all the stats given underneath each product, this could give you a quick idea of how well a product is performing.

You should pick a product that has a decent enough gravitiy number, meaning there are a certain amount of affiliate marketers already making sales with that product. However, make sure the number is not too high, because that would mean that there is a lot of competition going on.

Once you have located a product you would be interested in promoting and that has good stats, have a look at the salespage and see what is on offer. Ask yourself a few questions in order to decide whether you would be able to promote the product:

When looking at the salespage, would you feel tempted to buy the product?
Is it clear what you would get for the price one needs to pay?
Are there bonuses offered that are worthwile?
Do you feel the buyer would get a good deal when buying the product?
Is it obvious that there is an affiliate program?
Are there many ways that the salespage "leaks"?

The first few questions are of course important to you when it comes to deciding whether the people you are going to send to a salespage are actually going to buy the product.

The last two questions are just a personal preference of me, if it is really obvious that it is an affiliate product (with big shouting links saying something down the line of "make money selling this product yourself" or anything similar) or when there are a lot of advertisements on the salespage itself, like for example adsense, I choose not to promote that product, because it would mean that I would actively promote a salespage without getting the cut I would be entitled to.

Once a product passes this first initial investigation, you should go a step further. Check out the affiliate tools area, contact the seller and see if they want to offer help, maybe sending you a copy to check or the first few chapters as to ensure you will be promoting a quality product.

Clickbank itself offers a really good service to buyers, whenever there is a problem, a buyer will always receive a refund within the 60 day refund period so they are completely protected. But as a future affiliate it would really help to see that the person behind the product you are thinking of promoting is helpful and responds to (customer) emails promptly. This could in future mean the difference between making a commission or losing the money because a buyer has asked for a refund.

At this point you will probably have located a product you would like to promote and if at all possible, try to get it yourself in order to really get a good feel of the product so that you know what you are promoting. However, I can understand that this is not always an option and that you will feel that the 60 day refund guarantuee can always make up for those people that turn out to be unhappy with what they have bought.

Last thing, but certainly not least, that you need to do before starting your promotional efforts is to ensure that there is a market for the product that you are thinking of promoting. You can check this by consulting different keyword research tools so that you can tell there are enough people looking for this type of product. For example if you decide to promote a product that goes into explaining how to make money online, you would check the monthly searches for keywords related to "how to make money online".

You will probably find a huge amount of monthly searches with any term related to make money online, problem is though that this is a really difficult market to compete in. There are a lot of people trying to make money online and a lot of people competing to be on the first page. If you are starting out with affiliate marketing, it probably is not the greatest market to start with.

So if you have found a product with a lot of searches but also a lot of competition, you might be better off by going back to the CB marketplace and looking for a product with less competition.

You must make sure that your research part is done well. It is the backbone of being a succesful affiliate marketer and you need to be able to make a reasonable targeted decision on whether you will be able to plant your affiliate links in front of enough targeted visitors who are willing to spend money on the product you will be promoting.