Are you wondering how to choose the right credit card?  If you're like most people you are often inundated with credit offers in your junk mail, to the point you're just numb to all the information.  If you are looking for the right credit card don't be swayed by the next offer that comes along just because it's convenient.  The right credit card has the potential to save you money, make you money, and raise your credit scores depending on how you use it. Choose a card that meets your expectations and read on to learn how to get the right credit card that works for you.

Consider your specific spending habits and credit patterns.  Do you have debt you need to transfer?  Do you tend to carry a balance from one month to the next?  Do you have difficulty remembering to pay on time?  Do you fly frequently, or are there particular stores you frequent beyond groceries and gas?  Make a list of your answers to these questions.

Credit cards balance transfersCredit: Andres RuedaCheck the perks of different credit cards.  The offers on major credit cards such as Discover, American Express, and the different Visa and Mastercards change from time to time.  You will probably see commercials on TV, hear them on the radio, and find them in your mail.  But to take control of your research, simply search for each of those major cards online.  This part of the process is simply for gaining information, not applying yet.

Make a list of what perks each card has that meet your needs.  These might include 0% balance transfer on old debt, low fixed rate finance charges, flexible payment dates, and cash back rewards for groceries, gas, or frequent flier miles.  If there are particular stores you shop at, such as Home Depot, Kohls, or Fashion Bug, they have credit cards available for extra cash back at their stores (but you can still use them anywhere).

Credit cards balance transfers(49033)Credit: ohadwebCheck the fine print and penalties on the cards you are considering that have the potential to negate the positives you wrote down.  Find out how much a late payment charge is and see if there is an annual fee.  See if the finance charge rate is fixed, because that means the percent they charge on a balance you carry from one month to the next can change.

Weigh the pros and cons of each card.  Not every credit offer is for everybody, so be sure to be honest about how you manage your finances before you choose a card. Good luck!