The right company

Company Service Range

Individuals who are building or buying new homes may be interested in new and properly installed heating oil systems. In this case, a company that offers design, installation, and system servicing may be valuable for both immediate and future engagements. Choose a company that offers a broad range of heating equipment and cost-effective maintenance programs.

Will the company take care of your furnace, conducting checkups, maintenance, and repairs? Remember, your oil furnace must be checked annually. A number of companies offer extensive service packages, which usually include yearly checkups. Your most probable starting-point should be the company which your neighbors are happy about. Looking for licensed and rated oil companies at the local government consumer affairs office helps to rule out most-complained-about companies.


Pricing Policies

Certain companies have rigid fuel pricing policies and expose customers to unsettling prices, particularly when, for whatever reasons, oil prices go up. Pick a heating oil company that consults, or at least informs customers of the intention to raise prices.

What minimum amount of oil does it deliver? A minimum of 50 gallons is fairest. However, bigger companies often offer 100-gallon minimum. In addition, a company that accepts check payments provides extra ease.

Ensure your choice company offers price protection plans and has protection experts. There is no room for guesswork. Downside protection ensures payment of low rates when heating oil prices drop, Best Price Budget ensures low discount prices upon delivery of your oil, while Maximum Cap Guarantee ensures you are never charged more than the maximum cap rate when oil prices go up. Full service heating oil companies normally offer standard 30-day periods to their qualified customers to pay their oil bills. Often, the dealer will allow a spread of the payment into 12-month durations, a better alternative than cash on delivery.


Proximity and Promptness

How soon can ordered oil be received? Often, the service is as quick as the oil supply is close, particularly for emergency cases. Regional and far-off companies should only be considered if they have nearby branches and service points, otherwise the service may be painfully delayed. The sooner the service technicians can reach your house the better is the choice. Nothing hurts the most as calling your oil supplier during an emergency and only reaching an automated answering service.

Choose a heating oil company that delivers 24/7, all year long. Never pick on fixed-day delivery, or on a supplier that delivers only when other customers in your neighborhood have ordered.


Company-employed Technicians

Many discount oil companies will lure homeowners with huge price-cuts only to leave the service to subcontractors whom they cannot control. A scrupulous check for availability of qualified, experienced, and licensed service technicians in your choice company ensures access to cost-effective, quick, and convenient 24-hour emergency and scheduled services. Never give up the security of your home to unknown subcontractors.


Liability Insurance

Accidents may occur during heating oil services, and only an extensive liability insurance coverage for company employees, vehicles, and equipment can pay for resulting damages.

Follow these tips to choose the right heating oil company. Besides, never hesitate to contact a professional for your HVAC needs.