Technology is an ever changing industry and there are always new and upcoming products available on the market.  One major part of the technological revolution is the laptop.  Laptops are one of the most popular types of computer available to the general population.  The problem is that they can sometimes be a little expensive.  Here is a guide on how to choose the right overstock cheap laptop that will last you a few good years!

Rule 1: Find your favourite listing.
This rule revolves around finding a laptop that you are interested in.  This may take up to 2 weeks depending on how picky you are.  You will want to look at the aesthetic of the laptop and decide whether it is the right size, colour, etc.

Rule 2: Learn where to buy it!
There are thousands of stores that you can purchase cheap laptops from such as or even eBay.  You could even buy a refurbished model of an old computer if you are wanting to deal with the manufacturer rather than someone who is selling their old laptop.  Deciding where to buy it will depend on what you feel comfortable with.

Step 3: Inspect for Cracks and/or Imperfections
You will want to examine the ENTIRE laptop to ensure that it is of top quality.  You have to remember that not every laptop will be in pristine condition but you will want to find one that is near perfect.

Step 4: Look for “Purple Haze”.
Purple haze is a common computer term that signifies a broken/busted screen.  The most expensive part on a laptop to replace is the screen and so you will want to make sure that you don’t see any purple or pinkish flares in the screen.

Step 5: Test all of the inputs.
You will want to test any USB drives, CD-ROMs, power inputs or audio jacks on the laptop to make sure that everything works efficiently.

Step 6: Make sure the hard drive works.
Check to make sure that there aren’t any hard drive errors when you boot up the laptop.  If there are do not be discouraged because internal hard drives can be inexpensive if you know where to look.

Step 8: Ask for a second opinion.
If you are afraid of doing any of the above tests yourself or you just do not know how to do them, you can always go to an expert and ask them to help you.  They will be able to diagnose any and all problems that a laptop may have and give you an estimate on how much it will cost to repair them.

Buying a laptop is a purchase that you will have to live with for several years of your life.  If you are looking to buy a cheap laptop, you want to make sure that you are getting the best quality for what you are paying for.  As long as you remember to check the computer out before purchasing it, there is a good chance that you will be gaining a quality product that will make you happy for a long time.  Just because a laptop’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s entirely broken, get a second opinion if it makes you feel more comfortable, it could end up saving you money in the long run!