Tips on Choosing a Pet Puppy

Which Is the Best Puppy?

Are you ready to have your own pet dog? Then start making a wise decision of selecting the right kind of puppy.  Here are some tips on choosing your new pet pup.

On your visits to reputable dog breeders, view numerous puppies as you possibly can. Good temperament and physical condition are most crucial since you will be living with your dog for a long time. This points out the significance of knowing the parents of the puppy you wish to buy. When possible, try to see the mother and the father yourself; observe them, their way of meeting you, their friendliness, their energy, and their status. Ask everything about them: were they easy to train, clean, sensible around the house? "Like father, like son" is still a good rule of thumb to go by.

cute puppies

Request to see the entire litter at one time, when that is possible, even though you could be understandably bewildered. They're all rollicking small balls of fur. Which is the brightest, which would you love the most? It's hard to tell. The one that makes friends with you the promptest isn't necessarily the firmest friend in the end. One could be a sheer little rabble-rouser, some others as reserved as a bashful child. Curiosity has long been believed a reasonably good yardstick of intelligence, yet it isn't a sure guide in estimating the very young.

The primary thing, then, is to choose a puppy of great sound parentage and whose health and energy are unmistakable. The healthy puppy is sprightly but not anxious or overactive. His eyes are clean and bright, his coat is glossy, his nose has no mucous discharge, and the skin healthy-looking. His ears could hear; he responds when you talk to him or if you make a noise. The dispirited, cringing pup shouldn't be cast away as mentally backward. Such a one might not feel well due to, perhaps, he requires worming or some medication. If your heart falls on a pup of this type, don't take him now. Rather, ask the breeder to fix him in tip-top condition, then visit him afterwards.

Yorshire terrier puppy

There's nothing rather so discouraging as being forced to doctor a puppy the minute you bring him home. It shouldn't be necessary, and it won't be when you insist on perfect health and nothing less in the dog you purchase. Perfect health entails two things: that the puppy is in good condition here and now, and that he has not been exposed to whatever disease or type of infection which could develop in a few days.

Everything else depends on taste solely. Some people prefer a dog having a long tail, others one with a short one. Some like stand-up ears, some dropping ears. Some want long coats, some short, while bigger sizes appeal to many, and the medium and toy sizes to others. Color is also an issue of taste, and there are a whole lot of shades from which to select.

Labrador puppy

Think of making a list of what you want in a dog, and then research on various dog breeds. See whether you could find one which meets your preferences. After all, the pet that's going to make you happy is the one you want. This will be your dog, one you'll live with for the next ten to fifteen years. Get the pet whose appearance pleases you; don't allow anybody to dissuade you. And keep in mind that size, sex, and coat type will dictate, in some measure, the sort of care you must give.


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