The key to choose the right sunglasses is to know sunglasses for your faceCredit: shape of your face. It’s as easy as that, and then, you just have to follow these simple rules.  You may want to wear something trendy and that’s ok, but it’s important to know what fits you best. So first of all, put up your hair and go look at yourself in a mirror. What kind of face do you have?

Diamond Shape

Characteristics: This kind of face is characterized for having a relatively small forehead, slightly high cheeks, small eyes and a quite pronounced jaw

Example: Robert Pattinson

Advice: You should choose long frames that do not conceal your forehead.

Square Shape

Characteristics: Forehead, jaw and cheeks are approximated.

Example: Brad Pitt

Advice: You need angles that soften the face. Avoid regular corner lenses, look for a rounded style, but avoid Lennon style. Rounded, but not round.

Rectangular Shape

Characteristics: Similar to square shaped faces, but with a wider forehead and a big jaw.

Example: Tom Ford

Advice: Look for high frames to compensate for the size of your forehead. Avoid horizontally elongated glasses.

Oval Shape

Characteristics: Jaw line narrower than the temple line. Oval chin.

Example: Patrick Dempsey

Advice: Almost anything looks right on you. Just look for proportion. If your face is small don’t use big glasses.

Round Shape

Characteristics: Same width and length. Rounded chin. Your face looks like a circle.

Example: Daniel Craig

Choice: You need fill your face with proportioned frames. Try to look for thick edges and dark colors.

Triangular Shape

Characteristics: Wide forehead, high cheeks and thin chin.

Example: Nicholas Hoult.

Advice: Pilot style lenses with light frames.

What About the Nose?

The nose is another factor to take into account. If your nose is bigger than mean, or at least, that’s your impression, pick wider frames that cover more surface of your face. Small frames accentuate the nose, so avoid them. If you have a long nose, choose thick side pieces and/or double bridge glasses.

And now, just go and choose something you like. Because the most important part is feeling comfortable with what you wear.