Toto is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial and residential plumbing products in the world. Subsequently, it comes as no surprise that Toto is also one of the best-selling brands of toilets. With thousands of toilets on the market, Toto stands apart by providing high-quality, superior products that can last for years. So whether you are building a new home or your old toilet finally went kaput, here's how to choose the Toto toilet right for your individual budget and bathroom requirements.

Things You Will Need

- Bathroom dimensions
- Bathroom color
- Toilet preferences

Step 1

Elongated vs. Round Bowls

While most people will find elongated bowls to be more comfortable, round bowls are better suited for small bathrooms where space is an issue. And since round bowls are less expensive than elongated ones, they can save money as well!

Step 2

Toilet Height

Most standard toilets are 14 inches in height; however, Toto and many other manufacturers are now offering toilets that measure a few inches higher. This makes sitting down and standing up a lot easier for taller individuals.

Step 3

Toilet Style

Most toilets come in one of two different styles: one piece or two. As the name indicates, a one-piece toilet is a single fixture in which the tank and the bowl are seamlessly attached. On the contrary, a two-piece toilet consists of a separate bowl and tank that are bolted together. Two-piece toilets are more affordable but one-piece toilets are easier to clean and maintain.

Step 4

Efficient and Effective Flushing

You can have most beautiful, comfortable toilet in the world but it won't mean a thing if it doesn't flush effectively. While the first generation of low-flow toilets didn't perform very well, these days low-flow toilets (which use only 1.6 gallons per flush) can effectively get rid of waste in a single flush. To really gauge a toilet's flushing capabilities, visit a showroom or home improvement retailer and talk with a service rep.

Step 5

Dual-Flush Technology

To save even more water and further reduce your water bill, consider purchasing a toilet that has dual-flush technology. Essentially, the toilet has two separate flushing capabilities, one used for liquid waste and one used for solid, and the liquid waste requires far less water to remove it from the bowl.

Step 6


While white and other neutral shades have long been the standard, Toto toilets come in a wide variety of different colors designed to match virtually every type of bathroom style. Array

Tips & Warnings

First, determine a budget for how much you are willing to spend on a new toilet and then decide which factors of a toilet are most important so you can find a suitable choice.