Your Besties

My number one choice of travel buddies has to be my two best friends Jade and Becky. After our recent adventures in Barcelona together we are now getting ready for our next trip to Prague and so far so good. The three of us tend to complement each other as ‘the holy trinity of travel buddies’ – the organised one (me), the throw caution to the wind one (Jade) and the mediator between the two (Becky).

However, with each of us having our own work commitments and cash restraints, it won’t always be possible to travel together. On a recent trip to Brighton we had to leave poor Becky at home.

In short, travelling with your besties is amazing IF you have the right combination of personalities to make it work AND you are all available. If not, you’ll have to look at bringing one of the following on board.

travel partners

Your Sensible Friend

The sensible friend is a good choice to travel with if you’re not the most organised person in the world. He or she will make sure that all the boring bits like travel insurance are sorted, and that you actually know where you are going and what you are doing when you get there!

Your Fun-Loving Friend

If, on the other hand, you’re a sensible type yourself, take along a fun loving friend to ensure that you get the most excitement and adventure out of your trip. He or she is sure to be responsible for some of the most enduring memories of your break – be they good or bad!

travel buddies

Your Sister or Brother

Those who are close to their siblings might wish to share their adventures with a sister or brother. If they’re older than you then you’re likely to find yourself well looked after, plus, you can enforce your will and whims on a sibling much more easily than on a friend.

Going It Alone

Some people love the idea of travelling alone. Solo trips mean that you can be completely selfish when it comes to your itinerary, as you have no-one else’s wishes to consider. You might also find that you make more of an effort to make friends while travelling, thus widening your social circle and building your confidence in the process.

Choose you travel buddy carefully as they can really make or break your trip. Choose someone that complements your travel personality – or go solo – for an amazing time.