A common concern of those buying ultrasonic cleaners for the first time is knowing which equipment is right for their situation. Using specific criteria can help narrow down the choices. To learn how to make the right ultrasonic cleaning choice, review the following ultrasonic frequently-asked questions as well as the information on optimizing the cleaner.

Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaners


• What size tank should I buy?
• Is heat really necessary?
• Is a parts basket really needed?
• What kinds of things can I put in the cleaner?

What size tank should I buy?

The price of the tank increases with the size. While it seems easiest to just use the measurement of the largest item you will put in the tank, it is often better to first consider all of the items. If you will only be cleaning small items or the same item in every cleaning, choose a small tank such as a B200 jewelry cleaner. If the items are made up of many shapes and sizes, consider if you can break them up into smaller batches and use a smaller tank. Perhaps you want a larger tank which can fit all of the items at once and save time, although this option will be more expensive.

Is heat really necessary?

Ultrasonic waves travel easier when the water temperature it hot, between 140-170 F. The higher water temperature also makes dissolving soils and other particles easier and more thoroughly cleans the parts. Yes, heat is necessary unless you are willing to use a fresh tank of hot water and cleaning solution each time. This can get expensive however as this wastes ultrasonic cleaner solution in the long run.

Is the parts basket really needed?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is no with a "but". Ultrasonic transducers are usually located on the tank bottom, so placing parts there can interfere with the energy transmission in the water. An ultrasonic cleaner usually needs a space of no less than one inch between the bottom of the tank and the surface of the object being cleaned to work effectively.

What kinds of things can I put in the cleaner?

Any object made of a fairly rigid material can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. However, there are certain things that ultrasonic just can't clean off. Think of an ultrasonic cleaner as just a machine that scrubs. If the item you wish to clean can't be "scrubbed" clean, an ultrasonic cleaner probably can't help you.