White Lilies, Roses and Thistle(40579)Credit: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/gastempAre you stumped on what flowers to have at your wedding? Some may think that picking out the right arrangements would be an easy to-do but in reality when you add-on all the other plans and decisions that must be made -- it can actually end up being a complicated decision to have to make. Here you will find some tips that can aid you in your decision and help you to pick the right wedding flowers for your special day!

This is after all your special day so the easiest choice would be to forget everything and just go with your favorite flowers, in your favorite colors. Red roses, white lilies, or tulips whatever your favorites may be.

If , by chance, your favorites do not fit into your chosen color scheme you always have the option of having them dyed. This process can be done on nearly all flower types and can be handled by most experienced florists. This process does take planning ahead so you will want to make arrangements with the florist several weeks to months in advance of the wedding to make sure they will  be done and ready in time for your wedding. 

If you have planned ahead and are trying to make an early decision: call your local florist and find out what flower choices will be in season come your blissful day and be sure to ask to view floral arrangement styles to get an idea of what flower arrangements you'd like to see displayed at your wedding. Many times this is an after thought and you end up spending way more than you intended to have flowers of your choice shipped over because they were out of season or you end up having to go with whatever happens to be on hand.

You can even contact a wedding planner to handle the flower arrangements and put it out of your mind. After all this is what wedding planners  get paid to do - make those decisions that are too stressful to have to deal with for the bride-to-be but that are still an extremely important choices that must not be overlooked.

Probably the most common method of choosing the right arrangements (for those who are open to all flowery possibilities) is to follow the same color scheme as your wedding or to even go with what is used in most traditional weddings.

If you are going to have a traditional white wedding red or pink roses are quite traditional and make a lovely choice. You can also seek the assistance of a wedding florist or wedding planner who will be able to share with you some suggestions and help you with your decisions.


Some of the most popular wedding flowers and Arrangement Combinations: 

LiliesCredit: http://www.garrisonphoto.org/sxc


Stargazer Lilies 

Calla Lilies

Asiatic Lilies

 Mauve Calla Lilies

Orange Lilies

Bridal Bouquet of RosesCredit: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/papaleguas


Red Roses

Pink Roses

White Roses

Yellow Roses

Orange Roses

Tulip BouquetCredit: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/mommyof9


Red Tulips

Pink Tulips

Purple Tulips

White Tulips

The above are just some of the most popular wedding day arrangement choices but keep in mind that you can mix and match flowers to make up the perfect arrangement for you.