This specialist in early childhood will support your child medically during his younger years, and especially its first month. This shows his importance in your life to both.

Ask yourself the right questions

Do you prefer a man or a woman?

Does his age matter?

Would you prefer that the pediatrician is attached to a hospital in your city?

One who practices homeopathy?

To find the "good" pediatrician, word-of-mouth works well, and your neighborhood pharmacy will necessarily know the name of the person who has great success (Use your maternity leave to learn all this).

Ask your friends who have children and your GP, who may also very well take care of your baby if there is no pediatrician near you. Indeed, these specialists are scarce in some regions.

Before the first visit

Before the consultation, take into account the practical aspect. Better to choose an office not too far from your home. Imposing a long journey to a sick baby is not really desirable. When making appointments, inquire on prices.

Once there, the cabinet must be clean and welcoming. Games or books available to children and changing facilities are very important because you'll probably have to wait before being received. Determine what is the threshold waiting period: a half-hour, an hour? Sometimes it's long, but there are specialists who are worth their time.

Assure yourself all the same as to the availability of the doctor: How long do you get an appointment for follow up? How many seats are reserved for sick children? To what extent can your baby be received in an emergency? Some professionals also agree to give advice over the phone. Even better, after consultation, others call home for news of the child. A beautiful proof investment on the part of the doctor!

The first visit

At the first visit, which takes place before the end of the first month, everything will be decided. You will feel very quickly if the current passes and if the trust is there... almost immediately.

Does he listen with sympathetic concern?

How does he look at your baby?

Does he show interest in your lifestyle (working outdoors or not, how many children, care of your child...)?

Does he reassure mothers on the phone?

Prepare a list of what you want to ask so you don't forget anything and will leave no questions unanswered. For the first visit, it is very important that the other parent accompanies you. Pediatricians are generally pleased to have a second party.

Human qualities indisputable to a pediatrician

The first month, parents are often anxious and helpless against the tears and small sores in their infancy. During the consultation, it is essential that the pediatrician knows to get the message across without guilt or worry, for him to reassure you and defuse the situation. A trusting relationship is essential. You do not feel embarrassed to ask questions. Above all, he must take the time to respond. Usually, an initial consultation lasts half an hour, enough time to get acquainted and make sure everything goes well.

The behavior of the doctor with the baby, how he "manipulated", how he speaks must be acceptable to you. You will quickly realize if the pediatrician simply loves contact with children. And yes, sometimes the question may arise!

Finally, if you do not feel comfortable with your pediatrician, do not hesitate to change him without feeling guilty. Everyone has the right to be wrong.