Types of Vehicles

Choosing your Vehicle Type


Choosing a vehicle type may intimidate the inexperienced. Fortunately one's decision can logically be broken down. Three types of vehicles are available.

Cars, SUVs and Trucks

 The Car

The venerable automobile is an American Classic. These vehicles transport people comfortably from place to place. 

Pros: Cars stand out on the fuel efficiency end of things. They are easy to park and transport most small packages with ease. Also, they are the easiest to park.

Cons: Limited cargo space.


SUVBlackNo enclosed vehicle offers the extensive storage capacity of the SUV.

Pros: This allows one to carry more passengers than any other vehicles as well as store large amounts of materials. 

Cons: Poor gas mileage. Hard to park. May be a roll hazard in an accident.

The Truck

The truck is the model of towing capacity as well as open storage.

Pros: Trucks can move material amounts that other vehicle types can only dream. 

Cons: Poor gas mileage. Large framed trucks may have difficulty parking.

Your Situation

It is important to consider that the proper vehicle is highly determined by your situation. A person living in a busy downtown area has less usage for a pickup truck versus an individual living in a rural area in need of heavy self-reliance. SUVs are a solid middle ground for someone who lives downtown but needs transport capacity. In the end, the vehicle that you get the most quality out of is best. Having a truck's towing capacity is great if you own a boat. If you have nothing to tow this benefit could have no use. Features that you use the most is important. 

Other Options


Sports cars, buses and off-road vehicles are also available. These are all highly specialized and have limitations one must consider carefully. Limited capacity, mileage issues and maintenance are all critical. Highly specialized vehicles need extreme care and can often be much more expensive than their consumer counterparts. These vehicles are generally more expensive and reach prices without limit. Before purchasing a specialized vehicle one must become well-educated.