Which dog should I Choose








Often when we buy our beautiful little puppy we do not realize the amount of responsibility we have committed ourselves to.In fact everyone should ask themselves if they are prepared to spend the time, money and effort needed before agreeing to that pleading little voice –"can we have a little puppy, please…?"

Spur of the moment decisions are never good. We let our feelings get in the way of our better judgments. Children have a way of knowing when and how to push our buttons to get what they want and parents often give in for the sake of peace.

If you are confronted with this type of problem, be firm and tell the person you will definitely give it consideration.Then when you are home sit them down and work out a plan.You need to work a few things out together.

Think -

Breed of Dog- If there are small children or elderly people in the home it may not be a good idea to have a big dog.If the dog is to have a free reign through the house, and it becomes excited it could knock a child or older person over causing bad injuries.

How to choose it, how big should it be? If you choose a very small dog, people could still trip over the dog.A Jack Russell is a very active dog, they need lots of exercise.Who will be responsible for taking him for walks?They can also jump fairly high are your fences high enough to keep him in or could he dig underneath and get out?

Size of Yard- If you decide on a large dog is the yard big enough for him to exercise.Are the fences secure to keep it in?Could he fall into the pool and drown? These are all things you need to consider before agreeing to have any dog.

Time and money grooming-Some dogs only need bathing and feeding.Other dogs like the Shuzitzu need to have their fur cut approximately every two months in the summer and its face and feet trimmed all year round.This could cost up to Fifty dollars every time.Could your family afford this or would you have the time to do this yourself?

Who will train it- All dogs need to be given obedience training without exception.A dog that is not given this means you will have no control over.For instance: if you are out walking in the bush without a lead on it and there is a snake what will you do?You can call the dog, but will he take any notice?An obedience trained dog can be told to stop or come to you now.The length of it's life may be affected by this.

Who will feed the dog?All kids will say anything if it means they get their own way. The novelty will often rub off after a couple of months so the parents need to realize that the responsibility will eventually be theirs.

Who will clean up the doggy doo?Yes someone will have to do it, and if you have small children, I certainly wouldn't want my toddler stepping in that.Oh yeah I know they need to get dirty as it builds up their immune system, but…..?

Does anyone have an allergy to animals? This can and often causes problems in the home. Some people are allergic to cat fur, while others are affected by any fur.If this is the case you would need a dog that has hair or wool like a poodle.

Vaccinations and Veterinary care. Now like our children our dogs need to keep up their vaccinations so they do not get any infections. This is not cheap.And like your children, it will become a part of your family.You will grow to love it therefore you need to be prepared to do the right thing by you wonderful loving pet.

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Rash on Spur of Moment Decisions

Too many people decide to have a dog without thinking of the consequences. Or someone buys them a dog as a present without asking their permission. This is so WRONG. The welfare of the dog is of utmost importance.

A dog will not understand why you do not want it. He will give you years of unconditional love and affection and will protect you with his life if need be. No matter how you treat it.

Benefits of owning a loveable pet

It is a proven fact that a dog will keep you younger longer. It will give you an excuse to exercise and keep you fit and lose weight at the same time.

It will give you the chance of meeting and making more friends as you walk it other dog owners will stop and talk to you.Without it you would never have met them. A dog will protect you with his life if necessary. Many dogs are used in hospitals to help patients in their recovery.

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PLEASE, think about these things before buying or accepting a dog into your home.There are too many unwanted dogs left to wander our streets because people make rash, spur of the moment decisions to have a dog they neither wanted nor can be bothered with.

Have you thought of buying a puppy from a dog shelter or from the RSPCA or similar company that tries to save a dogs-life?


How to choose it, that is up to you now. If this article can save one dog from this miserable existence then I will be happy for that precious and lovable dog that we saved.


Is it showing signs of anxiety and stress then you need to contact your local vet and see what can be done to eliminate this.



Eating healthy food is an important part of owning a dog. Like us they get bored eating the same kinds of food so why not try and incorporate home made treats into their diet.