Sometimes, this is the least that may happen.

After Party

Party hard - study later.

A simple codex of student's lifestyle. We all know that education doesn't include only reading, research, libraries and coffee. You have to let it all go every once in a while, just to hang out with friends and maybe - host a dorm party. Or even a house party, if you are renting one. Just hush - the landlord must never know of it! I've been at so many parties, that I know a thing or two about how it is in the morning. Often there is no after party - but more like after party cleaning! It's bad enough that you have a hangover, but the house looks like a battlefield, with "dead" bodies lying all over the place, and some poor bastard have spilled his guts on the carpet. Some tips for cleaning up the mess are in order - here are mine.

Don't panic! Things look bad, but as long as you're alive - everything is possible. And I doubt that the landlord will kill you over this. Kick you out - probable, but unlikely. As long as you manage to return everything to its previous good shape, there should be no problem. So keep calm and decide what to do first.

Usually I begin with body count. It may seem rude to wake everyone up, but when you awoke at 13 o'clock - they better be ready to wake up too! After all - you need to do more important things. Waking them up will go smoother if you prepare several coffees and serve it to them. Keep a few 3 in 1's Nescafe at home for such cases.

Once everyone is up and running - let them know that the place will need cleaning up. Usually they will want to help. If they don't - hey, these are your mates, you know them best. If you can make them, do so, if not - then don't. Just to say - a true friend will always help you with such thing. This comes right back at you when you are not the host - whenever you were at someone's party, the least you can do to repay for the awesome time is to help them clean the place in the morning.

Next step should be considering professional help. If the mess is not so big, you can easily clean it on your own, with help from friends. However, if there is substantial damage to the hygiene of your apartment - you might want to consider getting a team of cleaners to mop things up. This is especially to consider, if you are expecting your landlord to show up one of these days. I used cleaners the last time and they did a very decent job - you couldn't tell that there was an "event" here just a few hours ago, when the landlord showed up. Saved my sorry ass right there!

It happens to the best of us.


If professionals are not an option... are some key points that you have to check:

Carpets - make sure there are no stains on them. If there are, wash them as soon as possible.

Remove all garbage - pick everything that is food leftovers, chips bags, plastic cups, ribbons and toss it out. Take out the garbage straightaway. Don't let it sit in your kitchen.

Note: having friends will allow you to assign them one room each, which will make ckeaning go much faster.

Dirty clothes should be laundered immediately. Clear the clutter, wash and vacuum the floors. Then put things when they belong and make sure there are no signs of the party left.

The kitchen will be next dirtiest place, right after the bathroom. Empty bottles, pizza boxes, everything is to be dumped. Dishes are to be washed and make sure you don't clog the sink while you're at it.

Finally - the bathroom. There is usually this one guy that will throw up in the middle of a party and fall asleep soon after. If that's the case - make sure he does it in the bathroom. Tiles are much easier to clean than carpets after all.

These are the basics. The details vary from the type of house and apartment. I leave it up to you do do your best. Good luck!