My mother passed this tip on to me, and even though I will admit that I was skeptical at first, the glass cleaner really works to get spots and stains out of carpets. I am no scientist, so I am not sure how it works, but I know you need to get the glass cleaner that has ammonia in it. I think this is the key ingredient in taking the stains out. The one that seems to work the best is Windex with ammonia, but any other glass cleaner with ammonia will also get the job done. Be wary of the dollar store brands because they have a lot more blue dye in them and may end up leaving some blue color behind. Spending a little extra on the natiGlass Cleaneronal brand for this purpose will really pay off, or try a glass cleaner that is dye free with ammonia.

Things You'll Need: 

*A spray bottle of glass cleaner with ammonia

*An old, damp rag. Make sure it is clean.

*Some elbow grease

What You Need to Do:

Step 1

Spray those tough stains with the glass cleaner really well and let it sit and soak in for a couple minutes. Let more set in stains sit for longer, but don't let it dry out on the carpet.

Step 2

Take the damp rag and work it back and forth over the stain, applying moderate pressure. You don't want to damage the carpet.

Step 3

Rinse the rag and repeat spraying and wiping until the stain has disappeared. Always start again with a clean rag.

Step 4

Let the carpet dry, then vacuum so the carpet comes back up where you have been working on it.

Tips & Warnings

Test the glass cleaner on your own carpet in a spot that nobody sees first, just to make sure it won't bleach out or hurt your carpet. Not every carpet is the same and some glass cleaners may contain other ingredients that windex does not.