If you own any copper items, that don't have a lacquered finish, (those stay shiny and only require dusting) then you know that unless you like that green or oxidized look, that you are going to have to clean it. But just how do you clean copper naturally? You don't want to be using those harsh chemicals that irritate your nose and your skin, so what do you do?

There are ways to clean copper naturally that will cost you pennies compared to the commercial cleaners on the market now. There are actually two homemade copper cleaning recipes, that will actually work on brass as well.

The ingredients are quite often sitting in your kitchen, and even if you do have to buy something it will not cost much. So, next time you are in the grocery store, skip the toxic cleaner aisle and head over to the fruits and veggie area and pick up some lemons, and then find a big jug of white vinegar, and a box of salt, unless you already have that at home.

Now both of these recipes work, and it mostly depends on the copper item you are trying to clean and polish, and possibly how awkward it is as to which recipe to use. If you prefer a "paste" to clean copper naturally, or brass, then follow this first recipe.

Copper Cleaning Paste


1/4 cup of plain white flour

1/4 cup of salt

1/4 cup of plain white vinegar

1/4 cup of hot water

1 teaspoon of lemon juice (you can use the bottled lemon juice or squeeze a real one)

a few soft clean cloths

In a bowl mix all of the ingredients together to make a paste. Then using a soft clean cloth, rub this recipe onto the copper item, getting into the corners and any indentations, you should notice the tarnish coming off right away.

Now rinse the object right away, as you don't want to be leaving a residue on the surface, if you can't run this under water, then use a very wet cloth and wash off the paste.

Dry it with a soft clean cloth, and buff up the shine. Now you have just cleaned copper naturally!

How to Clean Copper Naturally - Recipe 2

This works well too!


1/2 cup plain white vinegar

2 tablespoons of salt

1/2 lemon

This one requires heating on the stove. Take the vinegar and heat it in a pot on medium heat for about 5 minutes (no boiling). Then put this vinegar into a mixing bowl. Now stir in the salt, then take the lemon half and dip it into this liquid.

Take your "dipped lemon" and rub it all over the surface of the tarnished copper. You may need to rub harder in the heavy tarnished areas. Keep dipping the lemon into the vinegar mixture as needed.

Then rinse the copper object under the tap, or with a good and wet cloth, and then dry and buff up the item with another clean cloth.

Now you have just cleaned copper naturally. There are lots of "Green Clean Recipes" to help with other cleaning chores in your house.

It is good to get to know these homemade cleaning recipes, because then when you have suddenly decided, you may have some time to do a bit of copper polishing or whatever, you don't have to run to the store for copper cleaner, which may just put you off doing the chore.

Having items in the kitchen, that you can just grab and create as good a cleaner as the stores sell, is a great way to clean, save money, easier on your health, and better for the planet. So try cleaning copper naturally with some kitchen food items, like they used to do it years ago.

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