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Do you have any idea on how to clean eye shadow? No really. Is simple washing your face all you need to take that dark spot or circle around your eyes that you might have overdone? Let’s try out some expert – and even non-expert yet helpful and awesome – tips in this article.

One thing a makeup artist should definitely know is how to clean eye shadow and do before every makeup session is simply to clean and sanitize his or her makeup kit or collection. Actual makeup should be sanitized even after every event may it be weddings, photo shoots, fashion shows or even just simple make over sessions with friends. Here are some of tips on how to clean eye shadow.

Tips on How to Clean Eye Shadow

Situation: How to clean eye shadow of a Pink Eye produced by a tester or sample makeup!

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You will need some alcohol swabs or cleansing wipes, or probably anything that will disinfest and quickly dries out. Using the end of a powder brush, cover brush end with wet napkin (the wipes that is) and tap it on your eyes to clean up the shadow. You can also use the flat end of a brush to clean shadows as well. The result? A dirty napkin but a clean shadow!

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You may use a baby shampoo. This “no tears” baby shampoo is an excellent way to remove mascara (waterproof included!), eye shadow and eyeliner. First step is to wet your eye area with tap water. Lather some baby shampoo and massage onto face, closing your eyes though when doing such. Then wash foam on face with lukewarm water as to remove even the dirt and oil on your face.

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Well, if a (baby) shampoo does not work, you can just buy cheap makeup remover maybe from a brand like Nivea. Place makeup remover on cotton pad then hold cotton pad over your eye for several seconds then wipe makeup. It removes the makeup almost effortlessly. Now, if you have super delicate skin and even baby shampoo or (cheap) makeup remover would not work for you, investing in a worthy makeup remover is advisable. Expensive, true, but if used reasonably, it will last and work well for you.

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But if you are not okay with your baby shampoo on your delicate eyes, you may use baby wipes instead. Although it is for baby’s bottom, these wipes are gentle enough to remove makeup without having to clog your pores. How to clean eye shadow in this case? Same as what it does to baby’s delicate skin. You just close your eyes and massage it on your eyelashes and below the eye part. If you don’t want to risk putting these liquids on your eyes, petroleum jelly is useful. It can take any type of makeup you put on. Just a small amount on a swab of cotton and here you go! Instant clean eyes!

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Olive oil is also an effective alternative but in small amounts that is. Just dab it on a tissue or cotton ball, a little amount is fine, and then gently wipe over your eyelids. Instantly, eye makeup will vanish. However when worst happens, unscented lotion with just a little drop on upper eye part or above the lashes, making sure it won’t touch the eyes, and rub it on your lids.

Products such as the HydraMitt can remove makeup in the eyes in just seconds only by using warm water. The product is also gentle to your eyes and won’t scratch skin. For that hard-to-deal-with eyeliner smudges, a Q-Tip with some lotion on it or water may be very useful to correct that slip. Not to forget a miracle worker in taking eye shadows off. Vaseline is one great answer to how to clean eye shadow tip of the day. Tissue or something soft like cotton swab can wipe the lotion off. It immediately comes off.

Warnings on how to clean eye shadow though. If baby wipes contain even a small amount of alcohol, never wipe it very near your eyes so as not to sting them and irritate them. It could get red and even swollen for all we know. Don’t use any regular or non “no-tears” shampoo for they would definitely sting your eyes. But if you don’t have a choice, wash off the shampoo with clean tap water and towel-dry your eyes. Patting them and not rubbing them. Some are allergic to using petroleum jelly especially near the eyes, so always be careful so as not to apply near it.

How to Clean Eye Shadow on the Floor or on Carpet

Below are the enumerated steps on how to clean eye shadow, this time not on your eyes, but also on floors and carpets as well:

1. Using clean white fabric soaked with dry-cleaning solvent, sponge the stain.

2. Blot the stain until solvent placed on is absorbed.

3. Continue to apply and blot solvent until stain on floor or carpet disappears.

4. If stain is still hard to take off, mix a tablespoon of (liquid) dishwashing detergent in two cups of not so cold water.

5. Sponge stains using the detergent solution that was placed on a piece of cloth preferably white.

6. Until liquid is absorbed, blot stain.

7. Continue to apply and blot detergent mixture until stain disappears.

8. Using cold water, sponge and blot it dry.

On Carpet

1. Using clean (white) cloth, sponge stain using dry-cleaning solvent.

2. Blot until solvent is then absorbed.

3. If there is still stain, mix a tablespoon of (liquid) dishwashing detergent in 2 cups of not-so-hot water.

4. Sponge stain with this detergent solution.

5. Blot until mixture has been absorbed.

6. Mix a tablespoon of ammonia, caution in mind: never mix (chlorine) bleach and liquid ammonia for the fumes resulting to said mixture are hazardous, with half a cup warm water.

7. Sponge stain with the ammonia solution.

8. Blot until liquid has been absorbed.

9. If stain remains, mix a teaspoon of (white) vinegar to a cup warm water.

10.Sponge it with said solution.

11. Blot until liquid has been absorbed.

10. Sponge using cold water and blot it dry.


Whether on carpet or on face or even on your brush, knowing how to clean eye shadows are quite an effort. Cheap, simple home-made wipes, or expensive (cosmetic products such as removers) ways to clean that color off your face or off that carpet are simple items to use for cleaning. But no matter what you use, at least you have your own ways on how to clean eye shadow anytime you need to.