Gold plated jewelry is preferred by most of the people because it is less expensive and looks like original gold jewelry. Also known as 'Gold vermeil', such ornaments possess little gold as a layer over them. Mostly, Silver and copper are used for this purpose. As there is a very thin layer of gold is used on the ornaments, there are more chances of wearing off quickly. The surface of Gold plated jewelry, especially Gold plated Necklace is very delicate and demands extra care if you want to wear it for long time.

Here are some tips to guide you about how to keep your Gold layered Necklace clean and shinning-

• Never put your Gold polished ornaments on the hard surface as this may cause a scratch on it. This can harm weak layer of gold and make your jewelry look lousy. .

• Keep your Gold plated Necklace in a velvet lined jewelry box after use or wrap it in a soft cloth in order to avoid scratches.

• Wipe your ornaments with soft cotton. This will help in cleaning up dirt or dust which gets deposited over the surface of jewelry.

• You can use a soft jewelry polishing cloth to rub the surface of Gold polished costume Necklace gently to restore shine.

• Though you can clean up jewelry at home but if you are not comfortable with it, you can take it to local goldsmith to repaint such Necklace.

• Take some warm water in a bowl and pour few drops of dish soap into it. Never use antibacterial soap for this purpose as it contains abrasives. Soak gold plated necklace in this solution for 10 minutes. Dirt will start loosing; you can remove it worth soft brush.

Due to its affordability and creative designs, such kind of costume Necklace has become very popular and matches with every outfit. There was a time when gold plated jewelry was limited to the people who can not buy gold jewelry but today gold plated jewelry or necklace has become first choice of every one due to its cheap rates and attractive designs.

Apart form Gold plated necklace, there is a large variety of jewelry such as bracelet, ear ring and other jewelries available in the Market which can suit every occasion and outfit. You can easily find great collection of Gold plated jewelry items online as there are many jewelry designers are running online jewelry website to promote their jewelry.