Hardwood flooring has been in fashion for a very long time. People opt for them because of the classy look they give off. However, many people don’t know how to clean hardwood floors. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, these wooden floors are bound to lose their flawless shine and beauty. Here are some easy steps to clean your hardwood floors:

Keep it Dry!

The worst kind of damage that can be done to hardwood floors is by spilling liquids on it. Water or any other liquids get soaked into the wood and cause stains and marks to develop. Liquids also mess with the coloring of the wood. So if you worry about how to clean hardwood floors, be sure to keep a mop nearby to immediately mop up any spills.Hardwood Flooring(103537)Credit: Wikipedia

Your floor can be protected against this kind of damage with the finishing you choose to give it. Surface sealed or a wax finishing will make it more water-resistant. Nonetheless, try to keep liquids off of it.

However if spill marks do develop, this is what you should do:

Water spill – Dry it up with a cloth immediately before it gets soaked in the wood to avoid discoloration.

Blood – Get a cloth and soak it in cold water before cleaning up the blood.

Alcohol – Get a cloth and soak it in warm water to clean up the spill. Use detergent if needed.

Ink – Same process as that of Alcohol spills.

Oil – Dry up the oil from the floor using a cloth or napkin. Then take another cloth, cover it with dry cleaning fluid and place it on the area for around 5-10 minutes. Clean off the area with a detergent afterwards.

Pet Urine – Immediately clean it up with a cloth soaked in warm water. Also add in some scouring powder.

For stains like coffee, crayon and juice stains, clean up thoroughly with a cloth. Then use a nylon rubbing pad and gently rub the area until the stain has been removed. Cleaning products for wooden floors can also be bought at a shop.

Shoes Off, Comfy Slippers On!  

One of the most important things in the list of how to clean hardwood floors is to avoid bringing in any dirt in the first place. Shoes that come in from outside bring a lot of dirt and grime. This then gets stuck on the floor and makes it harder for you to clean it later on.

To avoid this, keep a shoe rack by the door with some slippers on it. As soon as you or any member of your family walks in, make sure you all replace your shoes with those clean, comfortable slippers. You could even ask your guests to do the same. But if you think that will be impolite, then you should place rugs and throw rugs creatively around the floor. Make sure you get rugs that are easy to wash.

Ban All Pointy Things!

Pointy things like shoe heels, car keys, scissors, etc, are all to be kept away from your hardwood floor. These things are bound to create scratch marks that scar the beauty of the wooden floor.

Add In Some Vinegar!

A damp mop and a vacuum cleaner is not enough to cut through layers and layers of grime. In a situation like this, you need to add in some white vinegar to your tub of water. Soak the mop in this vinegar water and clean away!

These tips will teach you how to clean hardwood floors and keep them stain and dirt free always!