An easy way to clean your hardwood floors is to use a vinegar and water mix. As with most other vinegar recipes the exact ratio of vinegar to water varies depending on who you talk to. 1/2 a cup to 1 cup of vinegar to a gallon of water seems to be pretty popular.

Floors are always easiest to clean if you don't have a bunch of stuff in the way. Clearing the room of as much furniture and other clutter will cut down on moving stuff as you mop. Empty the room as much as possible and give your hardwood floors a thorough sweeping or vacuuming.

You might want to ask everyone to stay out until you are finished before beginning to mop. As soon as you have a damp floor everyone in the house will suddenly decide they need to get something (anything) just so they can track up your floor.

Wood and water are mortal enemies so try to get the floor clean using as little water as possible. If you are using a regular mop wring it out to minimize the amount of water that will be on the floor. You can also use a spray bottle and rag to cut down on the moisture. If your floor gets pretty wet follow up with a quick towel drying. Never leave more than a tiny bit of water on your wood floors for any period of time.

Frequent sweeping of vacuuming of the floor will cut down on the frequency that your floor will need to be cleaned with vinegar. If you make a mess clean it up immediately so that you don't have any sticky or dried on messes to deal with.

While your furniture is out of the way you might want to give your baseboards a quick cleaning as well. It may not come as a surprise to you but you can clean baseboards with vinegar also.

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